Building insect hotels and feeders
Crafting Team Building

Building insect hotels and feeders for small animals is great fun and an awesome topic for a non-traditional team building event.
Event length 2-5 hours
Number of people 5-80
Physical demands low
Financial demands middle

About event

Building insect hotels and feeders for small animals is great fun and an awesome topic for a non-traditional team building event. You will create something beautiful and useful and will feel great about the work well done. You can install the hotels and feeders for example on playgrounds of kindergartens or even bring it to your own garden!

Company event with real results

Building an insect hotel is a project where everyone will find his role. Those, who like to work with wood and woodworking tools will enjoy creating the structure of the hotel, creative people will engage in furbishing the rooms of the hotel with different natural materials, and planners will make sure everything goes according to plan. In a short time, you and your team will create a functional insect hotel that will be an expression of your artistic creativity and imagination. You will have fun, get to know your coworkers more and you will be able to help the nature in the same time.
Building a hotel, even if just for insects, can seem like a job for several days. But don’t worry, with the help and guidance of our facilitators, you will be able to create home for all grasshopper, ladybugs, cockroaches and more in three to five hours. If you would like to enjoy a whole day of building, we encourage you to start with assembling a bird feeder.

How does it work?

Our facilitators will divide you into team of four to six people, will explain you the process, share the blueprints and give you important information on how to use the tools safely. After this initial briefing, you will proceed to your building stations to create your structures. The blueprints for the hotels are not identical, each building has a different number, size and arrangement of rooms. You will be working on your own, but of course our team will always be close buy to see your progress, give advice and help if needed. You can look forward to getting creative and get your hands dirty, using different woods and tools.
After you finish the construction of the main structure, you will get creative and fill the rooms of the hotel with different natural materials, such as pinecones, little branches, old perforated bricks or reed. This will make sure that the inhabitants of the hotel can be as diverse as possible, as each of them requires a little bit different living environment.

Why are insect hotels useful?

Insect hotel is a beautiful object made from natural materials that will serve the little insect and your garden too. The most common visitors of the hotel are ladybugs, earwigs or bumblebees. Your garden will also benefit from these insects making themselves at home there. They will pollinate your trees and flowers and can also stop some of the garden pests, such as aphids.

Professional event management

The whole event is led by seasoned trainers and facilitators, who are always ready to give you advice or help. Each team gets all the material they need – blueprints, tables, tools and materials.

Where to put the insect hotels?

Not only insects love our hotels, but also kindergartens and schools! Several of them in and around Brno are ready and happy to put your insect hotels to their gardens, for kids to get to observe and learn from. So even if you don’t want to put your creation to your garden, you know that it will bring happiness to insect and children alike.

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