Sherlock Saves a Party
Solve the mysterious crime!

Invite the one and only Sherlock Holmes to your company party and you'll get an unforgettable evening full of surprises. Mysterious crimes, an opium den, brilliant detectives and much more are ready to entertain you.
Event length 3-5 h
Number of people 50 - 300
Physical demands low
Financial demands medium

About event

Sherlock Saves a Party is a stylish program for a company party. The participants find themselves at a party in Lord Edward Smith residence at the end of 19th century. During the evening, a mysterious crime was commited and all the participants will have to contribute to solve the case. Legendary Sherlock Holmes happens to be, as usually, the main star of the whole evening and of the detective case as well.

Course of the evening

The party starts by a short introductory scene where the participants meet Sherlock, the main moderator, and the other members of the realization team- detectives of the famous Scotland Yard. The team consists of the instructors dressed in thematic costumes and hostesses. They will organise different entertaining activities during the evening that anybody can join. After the activity part, the final section of the program starts with a „scandalous revelation“ followed by the solution of the detective case.

What activities can you look forward to?

You will rack your brains with a method of deduction, test your senses (touch, hearing, smell and sight) during a visit in an opium den, solve a robbery in the National Gallery and identify the offender of the crime. The involvement in the activities is, of course, voluntary, but who would resist the temptation to work with the famous Sherlock Holmes?

Stylish photo corner and side events

A photocorner will be a part of the program. You will have a chance to take pictures in detective costumes, with text bubbles and stylish properties in old London scenery.

Find a way to Sherlock Holmes party

What if the fun starts even before the beginning of the party itself? You can test the abilities of your investigators before the party starts by the thematic Treasure Hunt. The game can actually bring the participants to the place of the party and, moreover, tune them up for the upcoming entertainment. It‘s an innovative program which will take you to historical parts of towns and will end with grand finale during the evening.

Suitable locations

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