Lost in Translation On-line
Become a master in communication

Do you think that when you speak the same language, the information cannot just be lost in translation? This on-line development program will practically show you how this happens and what you can do about it. Program reveals the reserves in your team communication and helps with their correction. All of that with the help of skilled facilitator.
Event length 3,5 hrs
Number of people 10 - 50
Physical demands none
Financial demands medium

About event

They are two. The one who is about to pass the message calls himself a transmitter. His task is to encode his thoughts into words so that the other, the receiver, can capture them and then decode them. Both must, of course, use the same coding system, in the case of humans it is the same language. So far, it looks quite simple, but other players are entering the game. The transmitters in the coding process are spoken by a number of different "helpers", such as its communication patterns, past experience, current attunement, relationship to the receiver, ability to empathize, communication context, etc.

As you probably already know, the receiver also has a similar group of "whisperers" with them, who usually do not make its task easier. In this simplified way, the principle of information transfer, the basic unit of communication, could be described. Now you may not be surprised that it can be lost or twisted in translation. Becoming a communication magician requires a considerable amount of training necessary to master all key skills.

The Principle of the Program

Lost in translation can greatly help you become aware of the biggest glitches that occur in your team,  preventing the effective transfer of information. The first part of the program serves primarily to build trust between you and our lector and to introduce the topic of communication. In the second phase, we will focus on diagnosing functional and non-functional aspects of team communication through several fun activities.

We mainly use the method of experiential pedagogy based on the reflection of past experiences. You figure out your strengths and weaknesses under the sensitive guidance of a lector - facilitator. He/she will also guide you to find ways to move forward as a team in the shortcomings revealed. The whole program ends with a virtual escape game, where you can try new skills in practice.

Used Methods

The program is based on the principles of experiential pedagogy and coaching. Both approaches argue that the client (whether an individual or a group) can use the right questions to gain insight into the problematic situation and come up with a solution that will suit him best. Thus, the lector or coach does not play the role of experts providing advice, but "only" supports the whole process and its successful completion. The advantage of this approach is to leave the responsibility in the hands of participants, who thus learn to deal with similar situations in the future and also gain a greater sense of competence and greater self-confidence.

Program Structure - 3,5 hours

  • 15 - 20 min - Short introduction

  • 15 min - What am I coming up with? - Everyone has 2 minutes to find a thing in their neighborhood that expresses their current emotions

  • 10 min - Ice-breaker for the transmission of information

  • 10 min - Non-communication exercises - in pairs you will try to see if you can not communicate

  • 10 - 15 min - Communication rules - how do we want to communicate with each other?

  • 30 min - Maze activity - can the whole team go through a dangerous maze in time ?, an activity testing your ability to cooperate and communicate effectively under pressure

  • 40 min - Activity by the captain for the exam - only the captain has the necessary information, which he must pass on to the team in order to manage the task; you take turns in the role of captain

  • 60 min - Virtual escape game - in a fun way you can try the acquired knowledge in practice, the game takes place in small teams

  • 10 min - What am I taking away? - sharing WOW moments of individual participants

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