On-line Make-up Workshop
Corporate event with make-up artist & hair stylist professional

Representative look, taste and confidence for your corporate team. Immerse yourselves in secrets, tips and tricks and make the most of your make-up.
Event length 2 hrs
Number of people 10 - 500
Physical demands none
Financial demands medium to higher

About event

A practical on-line workshop during which you will learn how to use make-up effectively for various types of occasions. Virtual corporate event with make-up artist & hair stylist professional and influencer Miss Bibi. You can choose from two workshop options.

1. Option - Business Make-up

You will learn and try how to put on your make-up for work properly. How to create a representative look, reach for the right color and the right product that will withstand even extreme workload! Find out where the boundaries of taste are and how business women adjust.

2. Option - Every Day Make-up

Each of us likes to adjust. Some use make-up for this and some use mountain air and a bit of sunshine. The sun in the face creates a natural color, which you underline with make-up. You will learn to distinguish warm tones of colors from cold ones. You will find out which one suits you best and you will try one of the many types of eye lines that we often try to learn and often our hand will slip.

Before the Event

One to two weeks before the event, we will send a gift package to the participants of the event, which will contain selected cosmetic products. You will have a choice of Basic or Medium variants (eg lipstick, lip gloss, lip contour, eyeliner and more). You will also receive an e-mail invitation to a private YouTube broadcast and a joint Zoom or MS Teams meeting.

Corporate Event Process

During the workshop, participants will join a live broadcast from our virtual studio. Participants in the corporate event can ask the lecturer questions via chat (which is part of the YouTube Stream) and via Zoom or MS Teams. Implementation in CZ or EN language.

Professional History of the Lecturer

  • founder, co-owner and creative director the largest make-up agency in the Czech Republic "Czech Make-up House"

  • cooperation with Česká Televize, Prima television and many smaller productions

  • make-up artist of Czech celebrities, actresses, singers and bloggers

  • top in the field of wedding make-up & hairstyle in the Czech Republic

  • trainer of hairstyle courses for professionals

  • trainer of personal make-up courses for personal clients and business women​

  • holder of several international certificates in the field of make-up & hairstyle

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