Remote Treasure Hunt Worldwide

Play Scavenger Hunt anywhere on planet Earth

Enjoy outdoor team competition on your own mobile device (cell phone or tablet) everywhere you want. We will place our thematic Treasure Hunts to any location you want. You can enjoy a Treasure Hunt with the Story anytime, anywhere and with a limitless number of participants.

1,5 -2,5 hrs
50 - 10 000
Remote Treasure Hunt Worldwide
Remote Treasure Hunt Worldwide
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Remote Treasure Hunt Worldwide

A thrilling team event awaits you with our Treasure Hunt adventure, while equipped with your own cell phones or tablets and our game software TerraHunt. Participants will visit the designated locations in search of virtual treasures, including challenging questions and quests. The objective is to get as many points as possible by successfully uncovering treasures and answering questions connected with it.

Escape games are always crafted within the imaginative narrative. The questions and tasks are all decorated with dynamic comic book visuals

The score table in the app will help participants keep track of their progress and the performance of other players or teams. The ultimate objective is to win by successfully completing more treasures than rivals within the time limit. The time limit is set in advance according to your needs.

Download TerraHunt iOS app or Android app. Check your device compatibility and enjoy our demos.

  • Scavenger Hunt everywhere on the planet Earth

  • iOS app and Android app to download and install

  • Adventure story and sophisticated questions, ciphers and puzzles

Escape Games to play
  • ​​Amazing Race

  • Sherlock Holmes´ Cases

  • ​​Pirates of the Pacific 

  • Idaho McLovin and the Lost Aztec Treasure

  • The Rise of the Coolmen

  • Zombie Apocalypse

  • Quiz Hunt

  • The Adventure of Casanova

What to do for Remote Treasure Hunt Event
  1. Order a program

  2. Install the app and watch introduction movie

  3. Meet other teams or individual players

  4. Scan personal QR code

  5. Click to Play

  6. Enjoy the game

  7. Visit Result page when the game is over

Demo in your location
You can play demo games in the app as Virtual Games. We can place these games directly to your location, so that you can test the game flow in an outdoor way. Ask us for a demo game.
Tutorials for Remote Treasure Hunt

You can find all the video tutorials on our YouTube channel.

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