Challenge Tour

Team Building with GPS Tablets

Go outside and get to know your corporate event location, in a modern competitive form.

With the Challenge Tour Team Building, you will be able to navigate teams of competitors using GPS tablets along a specific route, while completing interesting tasks and answering competition questions.

2-3 hrs
Challenge Tour
Challenge Tour
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Challenge Tour

About Event

During the Challenge Tour Team Building, the competition teams move through the terrain along a pre-planned route using GPS tablets with the TerraHunt app.

 The route consists of numbered treasures, which are places where teams activate questions on tablets (tasks, rebuses, puzzles or questions directly related to the place).

The task of the competition team is to answer the questions correctly, get as many points as possible and get to the finish line in given time.

The program is especially suitable for small groups of participants, because the teams will be more or less always together.

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Challenge Tour vs. Treasure Hunt vs. Mystery Trail

The game system is similar to Treasure Hunt or Mystery Trail. The difference is that in the case of the Challenge Tour, the teams are visiting the treasures in the exact order.

From the beginning of the Team Building to the end, they see the entire route that awaits them on the tablet screens.

Diversity of Tours

We will prepare the treasure tasks for you according to your needs. The Challenge Tour can be focused on exploring the landscape or on historical and cultural monuments. You will use this especially in the historic city centers, where you can use the program instead of a guided city tour.

For a more playful mood the Challenge Tour can be themed to provide the experience of Challenge Tour with a story.

For sports enjoyment, we offer the possibility of creating special "bike-hunts" or routes through natural trail.

Team Building for You

The length of the route will be adapted according to your time and physical possibilities. We will lend you devices with the TerraHunt app and we will thoroughly explain how to control the tablets and apps to everyone.

You can choose one of our proven routes, or we will prepare the special route customized just for you.

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