Indiana and the Holy Grail
Team building
based on legendary story
Indiana and the Holy Grail
Galactic Mission
Save the Galaxy
Star Wars team building
Galactic Mission
Treasure Hunt
Team competition
Sights - GPS tablets - Treasures
treasure hunt
Chocolate Making Day
The sweetest
corporate event in Czech Republic!
Chocolate Making Day
Pevnost Boyard
Strong experience
Medieval taste 
The Boyard Fortress

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Treasure Hunt
Teamwork, fun and laughter, hi-tech applications on tablets. Competition program full of interesting things and history. GPS game for everyone in cities.
The Boyard Fortress
Stylized team building program with the legend organized in castles or strongholds. You will experience a sharp tongue of hunchbacks, knights bravery and courtesans sensuality.
Escape Box
Escape Box is a mobile escape game for company and private events. Do you want to be able to enjoy the thrill the game wherever and whenever you want? Escape Box is for you!
Galactic Mission
Galactic team building. Travel from planet to planet and overcome challenges that awaits you. Become disciples of the legendary Darth Vader.
Chocolate making day
Experience the sweetest working day of your career and enjoy your secret chocolate dream! Chocolate day is a relaxing team building and social workshop full of captivating aromas and flavors. Making your own chocolate pralines.
Indiana and the Holy Grail
Indiana and the Holy Grail is an outdoor team building program, that will lead all participants into the world full of adventure. Adventurous team building.
Secrets of Moravian Karst
Enjoy your stay in the attractive Karst area, visit caves and other natural monuments. Use underground boats, cave rappelling, scooters, archery and much more.
Sherlock Strikes Back
Have you met Sherlock, the world's most brilliant detective? Join one of his investigation teams and become a part of the greatest criminal case of all times! Enjoy a teambuilding program full of fun and Sherlock's overwhelming charm.

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We organize corporate events and team building activities

Our company is dedicated to the preparation and realization of corporate events, team building programs, family days for companies and outdoor adventure activities. Team building is an original, unforgettable experience which develops and improves team work of our participants. Our task is to enhance communication and trust among your employees.

We recommend you to try our team building programs with a story such as The Boyard Fortress, Just Like James Bond, Indiana and the Holy Grail or Galactic Mission. Alternatively, we can prepare hand-tailored corporate event on your request.

We will prepare programs that focus primarily on education and corporate development. These programs are led by a team of trainers or coaches and it includes reflection and feedback. Alternatively we can prepare a tailor-made corporate event for you.

All corporate events and team building programs are implemented directly. We have our own team of trained instructors and lecturers, own tools, material, technical support and especially our long-term know-how. Planning and organizing events is our job and mission. We are professionals in corporate events
Discover our exciting programs! We offer a combination of sports, relaxation and adventure activities. Our clientele has an option to select activities according to its wishes and desires of its employees. These types of programs are especially useful as an addition to corporate trainings, seminars or as an outdoor complement during a meeting of your business partners.

Team building and adventure programs are realized in attractive locations such as Svojanov castle, Tocnik castle, Fort Krelov or in popular wine region of southern Moravia. In historical town centres - such as Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Mikulov or Česky Krumlov we can prepare for you a team competition program called Treasure Hunt. We are also able to organize a corporate event in the location of your choice or we can recommend you suiltable location with accommodation.