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indoorbusiness meetingremote teambuildingcorporate training
Virtual Conference
1 - 6 hrs
Difficulty none
An on-line conference, congress or seminar from a virtual studio. Organize an event for an unlimited number of participants from anywhere on the planet.
indoorteambuildingremote teambuilding
Remote Escape Game
1- 2 hours
6 - 1000
Difficulty none
A new generation of mobile exit games for virtual corporate events. Remote team building for home-office employees or for fun with colleagues on the other side of the world.
indoorexperienceremote teambuildingpartybusiness meeting
On-line Wine Tasting for Companies
1,5 - 2 hrs
20 - 1000
Difficulty none
South Moravia´s wine tasting directly in your living room. Corporate on-line tasting for home-office employees and business partners.
experienceremote teambuildingindoorbusiness meeting
On-line Chocolate Tasting for Companies
1,0 - 1,5 hour
15 - 1000
Difficulty none
On-line tasting of the best chocolates right at your home. Corporate on-line events on your computer screen.
corporate trainingindoorremote teambuilding
Work-life Balance On-line
2 - 2,5 hrs
10 - 100
Difficulty none
The Work-life Balance online program focuses on the topic of balancing personal and professional life leading to long-term life satisfaction. Using various coaching techniques you will assess your current situation and find ways to improve it.
indoorpartyremote teambuildingexperience
On-line Rum Tasting with Chocolate
1,5 -2,0 hrs
20 - 1000
Difficulty none
An on-line tasting program full of the most sensual gastronomic sins. Immerse yourself in the flavors of exotic rums and luxury chocolate. A virtual program that gets deeper than just under your skin.

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The affair of American presidents
For a long time, the United States was seen as an advanced democracy serving as a model. However, a number of cases related to US presidents have ruined this image in the last hundred years. Some scandals cost the president his office, others only a reputation, but usually damaged the United States and Americans' trust in their own government.
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Getting to know Moravian and Czech wines
In the famous Romance of Charles IV. the monarch first complains about the bitterness of the wine grown in the Czech Kingdom, only to appreciate its distinctive taste a bit later. How do Moravian and Czech wines do a few centuries later?
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On-line programs for virtual conferences
The situation around the Covid19 pandemic has caused many companies to end up having existential problems. Some areas of business have overnight almost ceased to exist, in particular the travel industry, accommodation and catering services, or event management and teambuilding services. One of the few positive things this situation has caused, has been the development and implementation of a range of on-line solutions for business processes.
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We organize corporate events and team building activities

Z-AGENCY s.r.o. is dedicated to the preparation and implementation of corporate events, standard and virtual teambuilding programs, escape games, team competitions and adventure events

Teambuilding is an original and intense experience leading to the development of teamwork. It serves to improve communication and deepen trust between employees.

We recommend to try our teambuilding programs with a story such as The Boyard Fortress, Sherlock Strikes Back or Indiana and the Holy Grail. These programs combine outdoor activities, teambuilding and entertainment. The participants can look forward to a truly unforgettable experience.

Use the ubenefits of programs focused on education and corporate development, led by a team of lecturers or coaches. Reflections are an integral part of development programs. Alternatively we can prepare a tailor-made corporate event for you.

Our portfolio also includes GPS programs such as Treasure Hunt, online programs and virtual escape games. Take advantage of these modern low-cost activities for virtual conferences or teambuilding for home-office employees.

All corporate events and teambuilding programs are implemented directly. We have our own team of trained instructors and lecturers, own tools, material, technical equippment and most importantly our long-term know-how. Planning and organizing events is our job and mission. We are professionals in corporate events

Discover our adventure programs. You can look forward to a combination of sports, relaxation and adventure activities. You can choose activities according to your needs and priorities. These types of programs are especially suitable as a supplement to corporate trainings, congresses and seminars, or as an outdoor complement during a meeting of your business partners.

We implement teambuilding corporate events throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad. Try non-traditional locations such as Svojanov Castle, Točník Castle or Fort Křelov. Experience vintage in Lednice Castle Park, Mikulov or Znojmo. Experience the captivating team competition within historic city centers such as Prague, Brno, Bratislava or Český Krumlov.

We will prepare a corporate event in a location of your choice, or we can recommend a suitable location for you. You can also use our accommodation search engine for corporate events and teambuilding.