team work, adaptation, interpersonal skills

Event length 3-4h
Number of people 25-60
Physical demands low
Financial demands middle

The self-development program Meetings is an exciting way of learning by experiencing. The participants will be faced with several tasks and activities, followed by guided reflection. The program can be adapted based on your requirements to be focused different goals, and the final reflection will be led by the facilitator to explore the learning in the focal points more in detail.

Structure of the program

At the beginning of the event, participants will be introduced to the story and the main goal of the process - construction of a fictional megalomaniac F1 race circuit in South America. Participants - now employees of the construction company - will be divided into several work teams and will work on four different parts of the joint project. After completing a task, they will come together for a company meeting to review the progress. There are be four tasks to overcome, each of them tailored to meet the educational goals defined by the client. The facilitator is carefully watching the progress, interactions between teammates and teams. This gives him great opportunity to, during the reflection meetings, guide the conversation to address the most important situations, challenges and learning points from each round. At the end of the program the participants present their project and take part in final evaluation and review.

Changing partners and teamwork

Each task is tackled by two teams. However, the teams are changing, so the participants need to use their team work, adaptation, interpersonal skills and more. This also gives the team members a great way of learning through the process, improving their teamworking strategies and later during the reflection to compare and abstract learning points from their experience.

Main objectives of the program

Depending on the goals of the client, the program can focus on a few different objectives. We recommend selecting one primary one, and then several additional goals. The Meetings program is great to improve collaboration, communication, responsibility sharing, adaptation to new context and disseminating and interpreting information in a complex group dynamic. This program also allows participants to get more familiar with their colleagues and their ways of thinking and working, thus radically improving effectivity and team spirit in the workplace

Meetings at your company’s congress

This program is perfectly suitable for companies that run their corporate training sessions or congresses in urban locations and do not have enough time to implement a large-scale teambuilding program. To take part in Meetings, the participants do not have to move anywhere, they do not have to dress in sportswear or get nervous about climbing down a castle tower. The Meetings program can be done in suit and tie and high heels directly in the congress hall.

Meetings program for international teams

The Z-AGENCY trainers who carry out the program are experienced in leading this program in Czech and English.

The self-development program Meetings

Improving collaboration and communication
Developing information processing
Using creativity
Getting to know co-workers
Practicing time management

Suitable locations

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