communication development program

Meetings is a development program aimed at facilitation of communication and cooperation within a team and passing information across teams. It consists of several consecutive steps (rounds). In each round, teams fulfill given tasks, cooperate with other teams, create their own outputs and reflect on the results of their work.
Event length 3-4 hours
Number of people 15-100
Physical demands low
Financial demands middle

About event

Development program Meetings can be organized as an indoor but also outdoor event.  It consists of several consecutive steps (rounds) separated by reflection phases. You will enjoy lots of fun during this program and at the same time gain invaluable experience for your real life. Moreover, it will facilitate the process of getting to know your colleagues much better.

Program description


During the opening, participants are motivated to join a fictional megalomaniac project – building monuments for a new F1 circuit in South America. Participants are divided into teams and assigned to their first working place. They get to know our team of facilitators (master builders) and all key information are also given to them.

Building phase

This phase consists of four rounds (4 steps of the building process) focused on preparation and execution of several projects. Teams work simultaneously on four different projects taking turns on each construction sites.

Every round ends with a short reflection led by a facilitator to help you improve your strategies and methods.

Projects presentation

When all of the projects are finished, it’s time to present the results on a “press conference”. Presentation part of the program is actually full of laughter and humor (after a rather intense psychical work comes the relief and relaxation). The program ends with a final summary and a short feedback.

Meetings at a corporate congress

Meetings can be executed on its own as a development teambuilding program. However, it is also perfect as an "add-on" to your corporate training or congress held in urban locations not suitable (because of time or space) for a large-scale teambuilding program.

In this case there is no need to move anywhere or to change your business clothes for a sportswear. Meetings can be done in a suit and tie or high heels directly in the congress hall.

Meetings program for international teams

The Z-AGENCY facilitators, who carry out the program, are experienced in leading this program either in Czech or in English.

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