Indiana and the Holy Grail
adventure teambuilding

Indiana and the Holy Grail is an outdoor team building program, that will lead all participants into the world full of adventure. Exciting teambuilding program.
Event length 3-5 hours
Number of people 8-300
Physical demands low
Financial demands medium

About event

Indiana and the Holy Grail is a teambuilding program inspired by adventure movies in which fearless heroes explore all kinds of mysteries. The main theme is a search for the legendary Holy Grail. Participants represent brave adventurers completing assignments during the event. Despite the fact that this is an outdoor program, participants do not have to worry about challenging physical activities. Team tasks have usually logical character or, those of physical nature, are rather effortless so everyone can manage.

Perfectly secured team building program that will be remembered in our company for a long time. Professionally organized event from A to Z with a lot of fun. I can strongly recommend Z-AGENCY company.

Jan Šedek, Trade Marketing Manager, MASPEX Czech, s.r.o.

Course of the program

Indiana and the Holy Grail teambuilding program starts with opening motivation scene. During this scene participants find out the storyline and they are divided into groups. Each group symbolizes scientific university team which travels around the world following an ancient map. In each country teams complete unusual tasks in order to obtain clues leading to the legendary Holy Grail.

Supporting teamwork

This program puts emphasis on team concepts and individual groups are not primarily competing against each other. Moreover, to achieve the desired goal it is necessary to work together in the final part of the program. All for one and one for all!

Activities for your corporate event

Teams will complete 6 to 8 activity posts where they must obtain clues. Some tasks are more of a constructive nature, some are logical and some are slightly sportive. These sport activities are primarily designed to entertain participants. The whole event is in playful and joyful spirit nevertheless all posts of activities require a good teamwork. You can look forward to Moai Sculptures, Bridge Building, Tangrams, The Eggs of Ubu Bird and others.

Most suitable places for program realization

Indiana and the Holy Grail program has an advantage that it can be organized in almost any environment. If participants want to experience a really mysterious atmosphere then we recommend to execute this teambuilding on one of the castles (Točník castle, Svojanov castle) or fortresses (Fort Křelov). Corporate event, however, can also be easily organized in an environment of forests and meadows, in front of your hotel resort or in a castle park (i.e. Lednice-Valtice park).

Photogallery from realized events

Suitable locations

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