Sherlock Strikes Back

The Hottest Detective Case of all Times

Join us in the streets of old London and help the famous Sherlock Holmes solve his most difficult case.

Detective cases (activities) are waiting for you to test your mental abilities and to make you move a little.

3-5 hrs
10- 300
Sherlock Strikes Back
Sherlock Strikes Back
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Sherlock Strikes Back

About Event

Sherlock Strikes Back is a detective teambuilding program inspired by the stories of the legendary
Sherlock Holmes
. Participants are divided into investigation teams in which they visit crime scenes (activity sites), solve cases and overcome obstacles posed by the malicious villain Moriarty.

The program contains a balanced range of activities and is balanced to suit for all generations. Logical, easy sports and fun criminal cases await you.

During the program, our instructors are dressed in costumes that complete the atmosphere of late 19th-century London.

  • the most popular teambuilding with a story
  • activities specially prepared for this event
  • top instructor and acting performances
Subsequence of the Program

In the first part, a motivational scene with the famous Sherlock Holmes will draw everyone into an adventure story.

Then we'll divide you into investigation teams and assign instructors in constable costumes. Detective teams will be investigating several criminal cases. These are symbolized by places with activities.

After completing the block with activities, the teams meet together to link the tracks that lead them to the kidnapped Sir Benedict.

Detective Cases Variety

​Moriarty, the eternal rival of Sherlock, has prepared a rich variety of cases for the investigation teams!

Detective teams will try to replicate a molecule of poison in Lord Edward Smith residence. Moreover, the very life of a wounded colleague will depend on their ability to transport blood on scooters through London streets.

During a visit of an opium den, investigator’s senses will be tested. The teams will also try to prevent a terrorist attack and will have to face a mysterious murder and to figure out the real offender.

Team Spirit Support

The emphasis is always put on teamwork and communication. There is no point to fear the difficulty of physical activities. This program is suitable for all generations with different physical abilities.

Once again, I would like to thank you for the whole company for the implementation of your great teambuilding, and by that I mean both the afternoon part and the evening part. Everyone liked the program very much and I personally have to admit that you got me with those themed suits and acting performances. Then I would especially like to highlight the acting performance of Sherlock himself, who gave a really great dynamic to the whole program! And that is a compliment from a man who has been creating team buildings for 5 years!
Tomáš Petr, Marketing Specialist, ADC Blackfire Entertainment, s.r.o.
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