Sherlock Strikes Back
The hottest detective case of all times

Have you met Sherlock, the world's most brilliant detective? Join one of his investigation teams and become a part of the greatest criminal case of all times! Enjoy a teambuilding program full of fun and Sherlock's overwhelming charm.
Event length 4-7h
Number of people 15- 300
Physical demands low
Financial demands medium

About event

Sherlock Strikes Back is a teambuilding program inspired by the stories of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. Participants are divided into investigation teams in which they search through dangerous London streets to solve the tricky case of kidnapped Sir Benedict. The investigation leads them to different crime scenes and calls for all of their detective skills to overcome every single challenge set by malicious villain Moriarty. Their mental abilities will be tested by ingenious criminal cases that might even require a bit of movement. However, the choice of activities is balanced to suit all generations of detectives.

Course of the program

The program consists of three consecutive parts. In the first part participants watch the introductory scene of the famous Sherlock Holmes drawing everyone into the story. Subsequently, they are divided into teams of investigators and their personal guide, a Scotland Yard constable dressed in a thematic costume, is introduce to them. Each team will get 6-8 criminal cases to solve. These are symbolized by places with varied activities. After completing their field investigations, all the teams will gather together for the final part. Thanks to the solved cases and Sherlock’s ingenuity, the program moves to its grand finale. Only if all the teams do their best, the brilliant detective can deal with Moriarty and his most difficult case so far.

What criminal cases can you look forward to?

Moriarty, the eternal rival of Sherlock, has prepared a rich variety of activities for the investigation teams. They have to replicate a molecule of poison in Lord Edward Smith residence. Moreover, the very life of a wounded colleague will depend on their ability to transport blood on scooters through London streets. During their visit of an opium den, their senses will be tested. The teams will also try to prevent a terrorist attack and will have to face a mysterious murder and to figure out the true offender.
The emphasis is always put on teamwork and communication. There is no point to fear the difficulty of physical activities. This program is suitable for all generations with different physical abilities.

Management team

Sherlock Strikes Back is an adventurous program, where all the instructors are dressed in thematic costumes, thus amplifying the atmosphere of a 19th century London. Each member of the realization team plays the part matching his specialization. The program is coordinated by an experienced manager, the character of Sherlock is impersonated by an actor and the activities are led by thoroughly trained Z-AGENCY instructors. A photographer or a cameraman can be arranged to record memories of this one of a kind event.

Where can the program be organized?

Sherlock Strikes Back can be organized at all different places throughout the Czech republic. We can adapt the composition of activities to the place of your choice. In general, the more diverse locality, the richer program we can offer. Best works a combination of grass surface, forest and indoor space. For South Moravia lovers, we can recommend Lednice-Valtice Area. In the centre of the country, there is Conference Hotel Luna. If you look for a destination near Prague, Legner Hotel Zvánovice might be the right place. Feel free to ask and we can recommend other convenient places. The program can be organized throughout the whole year.

Suitable locations

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