Just Like James Bond

Adventure-Packed Team Building Program

You will become a fearless agent of the MI6 secret service and save the world from the explosion of a nuclear bomb!

Action-packed team program full of activities, suspense, humor and action.

3-6 hrs
Just Like James Bond
Just Like James Bond
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Just Like James Bond

About the Event

The team building program is inspired by the theme of action films, in which fearless heroes save the world and fight against the unfair practices of secret organizations.

In this case, the teams will face the threat of detonating a nuclear bomb. The program is designed as a team competition.

Lots of fun, sports and adrenaline activities await you. From start to finish, we will treat you like real MI6 agents. To implement the program, it is necessary to have a meadow or forest.


  • team building event full of humor

  • corporate event with a story

  • for corporate teams and business partners

The Course of the Event

First, an introductory motivational scene awaits you, which will create the appropriate atmosphere, explain the rules and divide you into individual teams.

This will be followed by a block of activities. We usually organize five to eight activities with regard to the length of the event, the number of participants and the budget.

In the final block, a finall competition awaits you, culminating in the discovery and deactivation of a nuclear bomb.

What Activities Await You
Sports, construction, intellectual and adrenaline tasks await you. We always tune the exact composition of activities with each client individually.

You can look forward to airsoft, rope activities, the basics of self-defense, rescuing diamonds from a safe car, sports blowers and much more.
Stylish Gifts
The event can be brought to perfection by a stylish James Bond-style accessory like T-shirts with the logo of the program or team caps. 

The Z-AGENCY has organized teambuilding James Bond program for our new team. Not only the team-building event was organized on a very high professional level but at the same time the instructors from the Z-AGENCY found a natural and friendly way how to get close to our hearts.

Aleš Votoček, adidas Baltics SIA

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