Just like James Bond
adventure-packed teambuilding program

Become part of a breath taking James Bond-style adventure! You will be trained as MI6 secret agents and use your newly acquired skills to save the world.
Event length 3-6 hours
Number of people 15-300
Physical demands medium
Financial demands medium

About event

During the Just like James Bond teambuilding program everyone will turn into a fearless secret agent for a little while. This corporate event is an attractive package of exciting activities, action, humor and teamwork. Become a real action hero for a while and save the world by deactivating a nuclear bomb!

The Z-AGENCY has organized teambuilding James Bond program for our new team. Not only the team-building event was organized on a very high professional level but at the same time the instructors from the Z-AGENCY found a natural and friendly way how to get close to our hearts.

Aleš Votoček, adidas Baltics SIA

Program description in a nutshell

This program is designed as an outdoor team contest. From the beginning until the very end, our instructors will treat you just like real MI6 agents. This approach helps to engage everyone in the story and thus making the experience much stronger and more fun.

Course of the program

The program will be opened by motivation show to evoke the right atmosphere. Afterwards we will explain the rules and divide you into teams. Next part is a series of team activities. Usually we prepare five to eight activities depending on the time frame, number of participants and your budget. The program ends by a common contest in finding and deactivating a nuclear bomb

Which activities are waiting for you?

This program offers sports, constructional, intellectual and adrenaline activities. The exact selection of activities is always consulted individually with each client. You can look forward to airsoft, rope obstacles, basics of self-defense, saving diamonds from a drug lord vault, sports blowguns and much more. 

Suitable locations for the event

Locations such as sports or recreation centers are very suitable as well as any other place surrounded by meadows and forests. Some of the proven locations can be found on the map below. In case of a lower budget event, recreation centers among Highlands are very popular. We can also recommend Lednice castle park, especially during wine harvest.

Stylish gifts

The event can be brought to perfection by a stylish James Bond-style accessory like T-shirts with the logo of the program or team caps. 

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Suitable locations

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