Just like James Bond
Adventure team building

Each of your colleagues will become a 007 agent. Company teams will participate in a series of activities related to MI6 secret service training and use their skills for saving the world.
Event length 3-7h
Number of people 15-300
Physical demands medium
Financial demands medium

About event

During the Just like James Bond team building program you will see how each one of your employees is becoming a cold-blooded agent 007. Company teams will pass through series of activities referring to the MI6 secret service training as well as they will use their new skills to save the world. Just like James Bond is an outdoor program full of excitement, humor and teamwork. Become a real action hero for a while and save the world by deactivating a nuclear bomb!

The Z-AGENCY has organized a two - days teambuilding James Bond program for our new team. As we are a sports company, we appreciated that the program was offering not only very good team-building opportunity, but at the same time a challenge to compete within the team among smaller groups. All the team-members enjoyed these two active days. Especially for those who were new to the team, it was an unique opportunity to meet and learn all colleagues. Not only the team-building event was organized on a very high professional level but at the same time the instructors from the Z-AGENCY found a natural and friendly way how to get close to our hearts.

Aleš Votoček, Country Sales Manager adidas Baltics SIA

Principles and progress of the company event

This program is designed as an outdoor team event which supports competition between groups as well as cooperation within the team. When participants arrive we present an introduction set which contains a motivational storytelling scene, rule explanation, objectives of the game and team division. When the introductory part is over participants can look forward to the set of activities which will be adapted according to the time schedule and physical abilities of participants. Usually we prepare six to eight activities. After partial evaluation we announce a mass event which can be finished by finding and deactivating a nuclear bomb. For the whole time each team is coordinated by experienced instructor who constantly motivates participants and supports the team in difficult moments.

Outdoor program with a powerful story

The program is stylized. This means that all the outdoor instructors from the beginning until the very end treat participants like a real MI6 agents. This kind of communication draws everyone into the game and the action is much more entertaining.

What activities are waiting for you?

This program based on motives of James Bond stories offers psychical, intellectual and very non-standard activities worth a secret agent 007. You will experience action missions such as rappelling, crossing the bridge or basics of paragliding. Participants will also gain new skills such as construction, coordination, basics of self-defense or complicated logical tasks solving. Composition of activities is designed according to the main purpose of corporate event and whether you choose an outdoor education or rather entertainment is absolutely up to you.

Suitable locations for the corporate event realization

It is possible to prepare Just like James Bond outdoor program on the entire territory of the Czech Republic. Locations such as recreational resorts are very suitable not only because of its accommodation and catering services, but also because of sporty and natural sites, meadows and surrounding forests. We can recommend a variety of locations in South Moravia, the Highlands and around the Prague.

Stylized presents

In case that you organize a corporate event for your business partners or to celebrate company anniversary we can recommend to reward participants with stylized items that will remind them the event. We can offer stylized T-shirts, caps, DVD movie collections or other items that every MI6 agent should have in his undercover life.

Suitable locations

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