Treasure of John´s castle
South Moravia UNESCO area with a story

Adventure team program in the Lednice-Valtice area. Wonders of Lednice park with activities. Corporate events in the heart of South Moravia.
Event length 3-5 hours
Number of people 7-100
Physical demands low
Financial demands medium

About event

Treasure of John´s castle is an easy going entertaining program that takes you through the most interesting places of Lednice-Valtice area in an attractive way. During the journey participants will investigate clues leading to a secret treasure. Program combines team activities with relaxation, walking through Lednice park and a boat cruise.

Who is the program suitable for?

Are you not interested in having a full-scale teambuilding but would like to experience an unforgettable and active afternoon anyway? in that case, Treasure of John´s castle is the right choice! The main objective of the program is for participants having fun while cooperating naturally. As it takes place in South Moravia, we highly recommend to add an evening tasting of local wines.

Program description

When arriving at John´s castle, you can look forward to opening motivation show led by the master (or mistress) of John´s castle explaining the story and course of the program. After the introductory speech you will be divided into detective teams, pledge a toast with glass of wine for the best and set out to the park.

Each group is led by an instructor in a costume who helps motivate the team and further develops the main story. During this journey each group has to solve several team challenges. After their completion there is a relaxing cruise on a boat to the Minaret where the whole program ends with finding the lost golden treasure.

Which activities and tasks are waiting for you?

During the first part of the journey you will visit several posts with constructional, shooting and intellectual activities which are connected to the whole story. You can look forward to Archery, Catching eggs of Ubu bird, Animal tangrams or Curse of ancient boxes. In the next part of the program you should solve a tricky cipher and follow the map to find the treasure

Program extension options

If you want to enjoy your stay in Lednice to the fullest, we recommend to try one or more of the following options. Especially the spectacular show with birds of prey near the castle is worth your time. Another interesting attraction for visitors can be a horse-drawn carriage and of course tour through the castle, castle´s gallery, gardens and a greenhouse.

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