Secrets of Moravian Karst

An Adventure Program for your Corporate Event

Enjoy your stay in the attractive Moravian Karst area, visit caves and other natural monuments. Try underground boat ride, cave rappelling, Macocha Abyss, scooters, archery and much more.

3-6 hours
Secrets of Moravian Karst
Secrets of Moravian Karst
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Secrets of Moravian Karst

About Event

This attractive team program takes place in the beautiful Moravian Karst area. If you want to enjoy fresh air in a conservation area, to visit monumental caves, to see the view of surrounding nature reserves or to experience stylish outdoor activities, then the Secrets of Moravian Karst is the perfect choice for you.

Secrets of Moravian Karst program puts emphasis on common participant experience and it is divided into two parts - first one is visiting charming places and the second one is an easy going sport program.

Secrets of Moravian Karst is a perfect combination of the most beautiful places and exciting sports activities in a pleasant enviroment. This makes the whole day very colourful and interesting for all participants.

  • relaxing event in the Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area
  • 8 km scooter ride through Pustý žleb canyon
  • visit the Punkva Caves
Punkva Caves and Macocha Abyss

​Journey starts in front of the Skalní Mlýn Hotel. After a short tourist train trip we continue with Punkva caves inspection where we will see amazing cave spaces and stalactite formations.

The underground motorboat ride on the Punkva river is also a part of cave inspection.

However, the biggest pride of Moravian Karst is Macocha abyss and we will take a look on it from the upper bridge right after we leave the cable car.

Outdoor Activities in Moravian Karst

After visiting the abyss we move to Sloup city for some attractive sports activities. You can look forward to rappeling the limestone rocks and shooting contests in archery, blowguns or slingshots.

It's possible to choose your activities according to your wishes - some prefer competition and sports options, while others would enjoy more team and logical activities.

Then we have a relaxing ride down the hill on mountain scooters right back to the Skalní Mlýn Hotel. This road leads through the valley with limestone cliffs and it is five miles long.

Accommodation, Catering and Conference Halls

The very nice hotel Stará škola in Sloup is suitable for teams up to 50 people. The hotel offers bowling, billiards and a new beautiful wellness center.

For larger teams, the Skalní mlýn hotel near the Catherine's Cave is more suitable. It has a capacity of 100 people, a large parking lot and you can take a train directly to the Punkva Caves.

Both facilities have their own restaurants and facilities for training or seminars.

For larger and more demanding corporate teams, there is a wellness hotel Panorama near Blansko with a capacity of up to 200 people, several lounges and wellness services.

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