Battle for the White House
Everyone can become a U.S. president

Battle for the White House is a creative simulation game focused on the development of strategic thinking and presentation skills.
Event length 3-4h
Number of people 15-30
Physical demands low
Financial demands middle

About event

Battle for the White House is a creative simulation game focused on the development of strategic thinking and presentation skills. In the game, two professional election teams will try to gain as many votes for their presidential candidate as possible. Their job is to influence the media and, in this way, shape the public opinion in favor of their candidate. The teams will create videos, press releases, radio content and advertisement for the campaign.

Professional election teams

The game starts with a news program which informs the viewers (and the participants) about the upcoming elections and the battle for the White House, how many votes can each candidate expect in that point in time, and most importantly about a shocking incident that happened to one of them. As a part of one of the election teams, your goal will be to use all your knowledge and skills to help your candidate get ahead. You will try to build a good media image of your candidate, create compelling advertisements, and in general sway the public opinion on the side of your wannabe president to get him to the Oval Office.

Creating the strategy and leading the campaign

In your team you will create a strategy of communication with the media and the public, create material for the media to use and monitor what the opponents are doing. You will also reflect on how you are doing and evaluate the results of your work, track the results of the public opinion polls and try to create the best results possible in a limited time frame. At the end of the program, after all the teams did all they could to make their candidate win, the new president is elected and inaugurated.

Developing creativity and presentation skills

Battle for the White House can have many different educational outcomes for the players. It is great for encouraging creativity, practice time management and improve presentation skills. The simulation game is created to engage all the players with the story, include all member of the team and motivate them to do their best. If you are looking for a traditional boring presentation skills exercise, this experience is not for you!

Debriefing led by facilitators

The teams can also discuss the process and present the results, or in smaller teams join our facilitators for a guided debriefing of the experience. The game is led by experienced team of Z-AGENCY facilitators, who prepare and organize the whole event, are acting as the public opinion and facilitate the closing discussion or debriefing.

Indoor team building

Battle for the White House is an indoor teambuilding program, but that doesn’t mean that it is boring or not active enough. You will be creating your own election videos and advertisements on our tablets, and can use many props, costumes and art supplies to make your presidential candidate look the best possible. The best location for this program is in congress halls or adequate workshops spaces, with enough space for all participants. Contact us and we will be happy to help you choose the best location.

Suitable locations

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