Battle for the White House
creativity and time management training

Battle for the White House is a creative simulation game focused on the development of strategic thinking and creativity. Two consulting teams battle for their candidate to become the new US president.
Event length 3-4 hours
Number of people 15-30
Physical demands low
Financial demands middle

About event

During the development program Battle for the White House you will become unscrupulous PR experts who would do anything to succeed. Your job is to create your own media reality, and thus influence the public opinion. You will create video spots, press releases, radio content and advertisement for the campaign - simply everything to get your candidate the presidential post.

Fictional campaign of two teams

The game starts with a news program which informs the viewers (and the participants) about the upcoming elections and the battle for the White House, how many votes can each candidate expect in that point of time, and most importantly about a shocking incident concerning one of them. Afterwards, participants are divided into two consulting election teams which have to use all their wits and skills to build the best media image of their candidate. They literally aim at "pushing" their candidate into the presidential chair.

Creating a strategy and media outputs

In your team you will create a PR strategy to win over media and public, monitor your opponents' strategy, reflect upon your own work and check the results of public opinion polls in a limited time frame. After several rounds of hard work, the program ends by the new president's election and inauguration. This creative part is followed by a discussion or reflection let by experienced facilitators.

Developing creativity and presentation skills

The program is focused on creativity, time management and presentation skills improvement.

Team reflection led by facilitators

The game is led by experienced team of Z-AGENCY facilitators, who prepare and organize the whole event, are acting as the public opinion and facilitate the closing discussion or reflection.

Fancy props and equipment 

There is a variety of props, costumes and art material available as well as tablet to shoot the video spots.

Indoor or outdoor teambuilding

The best location for this program is in congress halls or adequate workshop spaces with enough space for all participants. Contact us and we will be happy to help you choose the best location. It's can also be arranged in your own premises.

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Suitable locations

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