Airsoft Program

Experience an Authentic Sense of Military Training and Team Battle

The adrenaline program will charge you with new experiences. You will try to hit both static targets in the form of targets and cans, as well as moving targets of your opponents in an airsoft battle.

Thanks to team tactics, you will try to conquer the bunker and deactivate the bomb.

2-4 hrs
Airsoft Program
Airsoft Program
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Airsoft Program

About the Event

Team action program full of adrenaline and adventure. During the program you will be tactical, react to the enemy's plans, crawl through the bushes, shoot uncompromisingly and above all you will have great fun.

In the first part you will learn how to take care, load and fire your weapon properly and how to use the protective gear. Then you will have the chance to practice your aim at static targets. When you are skilled enough, the second part of the program follows - an airsoft battle.

You will have the chance to try out two types of weapons – manual pistols useful for precise aiming with individual shots or automatic machine guns with a remarkable rate of fire.

Apart from weapons there are full face protective masks and glasses, full body suits and enough ammunition for your heroic battles.

  • team adrenaline activity
  • atmosphere of real military training
  • support for tactical thinking and cooperation
Airsoft Program Options

During the program you can enjoy several game scenarios from stealing the opposing team’s flag, conquering the enemy bunker to extermination of all your enemies. One of the most popular game scenarios is inspired by the famous online team game Counter-Strike. During this version of the battle, one team is trying to detonate a bomb and the other one is trying to prevent it.

You can choose from three options:

  • Economy – shorter game time, manual weapons, one battle scenario
  • Standard – standard game time, automatic weapons, multiple battle scenarios
  • Full – long game time, both manual and automatic weapons, all of the battle scenarios
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