immerse yourself into a battle adventure

Event length 2-4h
Number of people 10 - 50
Physical demands middle
Financial demands middle

Are you looking for an action-packed team activity full of adventure and situations that will raise your adrenaline levels? Look no further! During this airsoft program, you will learn how to take care of your weapon, develop the best strategy, react to attacks of your enemies, crawl through mud and bushes and most importantly you will have a lot of fun.

You will try to hit the static objects (like colorful cans) but also moving targets – your colleagues turned enemies. You can have your battle spirit tested at basically any location you like, provided there is a forest nearby.

How does the Airsoft program for companies work?

You will meet our airsoft specialists who will explain to you how to take care, load and fire your weapon properly and how to use the protective equipment. Then you will have the chance to practice your aim at static targets distributed in the forest. Of course, there is no point at having a battle without (at least) two opposing sides.

You will be divided into two teams and at first, you will compete agains the other team to see who will be the quickest to complete the whole circuit. When your superiors will see that you improved enough, they will send you into battle!

Gear and weapons

You will have the chance to try out two types of weapons – manual pistols useful to precisely take down your opponent with individual shots or automatic machine guns with a remarkable rate of fire.
Every soldier needs also proper gear – you’ll wear full face protective masks and glasses, full body suits with camouflage effects and enough ammunition for your heroic battles.
To make sure other people, who might be around, are also safe, the battlefield will be clearly marked by tape. In battle, every misunderstanding can be deadly, so the soldiers and organizers will communicate with you and among each other with walkie-talkies and megaphone.

Choose your battles

As the popular and true saying goes, you should choose your battles carefully. Here you will truly have the chance to do so. You can try to steal the opposing team’s flag, conquer the enemy bunker or just try to exterminate everyone who is not on your side. One of the most popular game scenarios is inspired by the cult online video game Counter-Strike. During this version of the battle, one team is trying to detonate a bomb and the other one is trying to stop them.
Based on your experience with weapons, budget and timeframe you can choose from three options:

  • Economy – shorter game time, manual weapons, one battle scenario
  • Standard – standard game time, automatic weapons, multiple battle scenarios
  • Full – long game time, both manual and automatic weapons, all of the battle scenarios

Professionals will have your back

You can look forward to meeting instructors seasoned by many battles (airsoft and others), who will take care of you, train you, assist you during the battles and in general make sure you’ll survive.

Adrenalin airsoft battle

Airsoft team building program

Adrenalin program
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Fun for everybody
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