Assorted Degustations

The Best of Wine, Rum, Whiskey or Chocolate

Choose from our degustation programs the one that will most satisfy the tongues of your colleagues, employees or business partners. We organize our chocolate and alcohol online tasting programs in their physical version as well.

1,5 - 2 hod
20 - 200
Assorted Degustations
Assorted Degustations
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Assorted Degustations

About the Event

Our guided degustation will bring a smile to the lips of even the grumpiest colleague from your office.

Whether you choose to taste wine, rum, whiskey or chocolate, you will definitely fall in love with our program, because as we all know, the way to man's heart is through his taste buds.

Tasting Show

Each event is presented by a well-coordinated duo of a moderator and a specialist for the selected product. In addition to the sample tasting itself, you will also learn about the origin, production and trends in each area.

You can order the degustation mainly as an additional program for outdoor events or indoor events.

  • events in any location
  • the best wines, rums, whiskeys or chocolates
  • exciting show and taste explosion
Wine Tasting
Degustation is based on our Online Wine Tasting program. However, in this case, you will meet the program moderators face to face. And either directly in the cellar of the winemaker, or we will come to the place of your corporate event.

You can choose from several options, each including 6-7 wine samples: BASIC, MEDIUM, DELUXE, EXCLUSIVE.
Rum Tasting
This is a physical version of our program for virtual corporate events Online Tasting of Rums with Chocolate. The realization can be directly in a rum bar or at the venue of your teambuilding event.

The BASIC option offers 7 rum tasting samples, the MEDIUM optiont 6 rum samples with 6 pieces of matched chocolate.
Chocolate Tasting
This tasting program is similar to our sweetest virtual program Online Chocolate Tasting.

Instead of using Zoom or MS Teams, we will meet at the venue of your corporate event. You can look forward to witty moderators, several chocolate tasting samples and lots of delicious pralines.
Whiskey Tasting
Physical version of the Online Whiskey Tasting program. You will enjoy 7 tasting samples of the best whiskey from around the world.

We will meet you at your hotel, a restaurant or even in your office.
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