Don Maccarone
and his legendary party

Make your dreams come true and take part in a Mafia-style party with the glamour of the thirties. The guests can enjoy a wide range of indoor activities, comic shows, stylish costumes and the good old times atmosphere.
Event length 3-6h
Number of people 30-300
Physical demands low
Financial demands middle

About event

Make your dreams come true and take part in a Mafia-style party with the glamour of the thirties. The legendary party of the mafia godfather, known as Don Maccarone, draws all participants into the swing of glamorous fun, gambling, and beautiful women (and men!). The guests can enjoy a wide range of indoor activities, comic shows, stylish costumes and the good old times atmosphere.

Don Maccarone rules with a firm hand

Don Maccarone is a Mafia boss who rules the entire underground world. He rarely lets himself to be seen in public, but on the day of his birthday, he decided to treat himself and organize a big party, inviting his entire extended family and supporters. His stunning daughters Violetta and Christine will attend, guarded by the personal guide of his family Mickey the Razor. Don Maccarone is generous to his allies and merciless to the enemies. If you are invited to his party, you can bet you are one of the most powerful men and women in the underground, and you will never run out of champagne. This year’s celebration will be especially opulent. It will be a party that will make the world shake.

Casino for everyone - Roulette, Black Jack and Poker

If you are lucky and are invited to Don Maccarone’s party, you can look forward to great entertainment. The boss will show his hospitable side and will give everyone a handful of dollars at the very beginning. It’s up to you what you will do with them. You can test out your luck by buying tickets for a raffle or joining a game of Poker. Don Maccarone knows, how a lair of vice and gambling in the thirties should look like, and you will be taken over by the atmosphere and glamour. It will be up to you if you will enlarge your wealth or will leave the party only in your underwear.

Mafia skills challenge

Don Maccarone needs only the best Mafia people on his side. So, if you are not good with gambling and lose everything in the casino, there are still other ways to fill your pockets and redeem your dignity. You can choose to take on the challenges by yourself, in a pair or a whole Mafia team. Whatever the result, you will not be bored.

Making your memories last

Even though in the underground anonymity is important, if you attend Don Maccarone’s party, it is totally natural to want to brag about it. Plus, you never know, if next year by this time you won’t be pushing up daisies. That’s why the boss prepared a photo session for everyone interested. If you are still worried about your face being too recognizable, you can choose from a bunch of costumes, stylish accessories, and speech bubbles with mafia messages (or write your own). You can take pictures not only with your colleagues, but also with the beautiful daughters of the Mafia boss and maybe Don Maccarone himself. All the photos will be screened live during the party, and you'll get them on DVD or via web storage after the end of the feast.

Festive finale with a raffle

At the party grand finale, Don Maccarone will give out the award for the most stylish costume and his daughters will draw the lucky winners of the raffle. You can buy raffle tickets all night with the dollars you earn for completing challenges or win at the casino.

Don Maccarone's secret mission

If you want to combine outdoor activities with the company party, we recommend using Treasure Hunt team competition. About two hours before the start of the party, everyone will meet at an agreed venue in the city, and Don Maccarone's right hand, Mickey the Razor himself, will explain to all teams a secret mission. During it, the groups will go to the city center, perform tasks, answer questions and collect points. The number of points earned will determine how much money each participant will receive from Don Maccarone at the beginning of the party. The modern geolocation competition with GPS tablets will be a stylish warm-up for the evening party, and the participants will get to know Don Maccarone and his story a bit better.

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