Mystery Trail

GPS Game for Corporate Events

A modern program with GPS tablets will take you on an adventurous journey. Treasure after treasure you will proceed to the end point, where the winning team will receive a well-deserved reward.

Geocashing team competition will take you to the most beautiful places in the selected location.

2-5 hrs
Mystery Trail
Mystery Trail
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Mystery Trail

About the Event

Mystery Trail is a modern team competition with tablets and our map application. Teams have a pre-prepared route with a fixed order of treasures with a fixed start and end. However, they do not know this route in advance.

The team always sees one treasure that they have to find and answer the question. If they answer correctly, they will see another treasure. If they answer incorrectly, the application will send them to the penalty point and only after its completion will they return to the original route.

The task of the competitors is to visit as many treasures as possible and get the maximum points by answering them correctly. Individual teams must always come to the place physically.

  • program suitable for each location
  • GPS games associated with a specific location or story
  • modern game system
How the Event Works

First, you will meet with our instructor team,. They will explain the principle and rules of the game.

Then we'll divide you into teams and lend you tablets with the Mystery Trail game running. Before we send you into the field, we will thoroughly explain the control of tablets and application. During the game, our instructors will be fully available as technical support.

At the end, we will evaluate the game and reward the winning team

Is Mystery Trail or Treasure Hunt Better?
Mystery Trail is more suitable for smaller groups of participants (ideally up to 30 people). The main route with treasures is the same for all teams, and in the case of a large number of participants, there would be a gathering at the sites.

Again, there is the irresistible magic of mystery, because until the last minute you have no idea where you will end up.

Treasure Hunt the game is more strategic and it is possible to implement it for several hundred participants.
Suitable locations
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