Mystery Trail
GPS-based or remote game for corporate events

Mystery Trail is a GPS-based program for companies during which the teams are finding questions and challenges situated on different spots in the TerraHunt app. Outdoor or virtual version of team game.
Event length 2-5 hours
Number of people 5-80
Physical demands middle
Financial demands middle

About event

Mystery Trail is an exciting team contest with tablets and a map app. This game resembles our best-selling teambuilding game Treasure Hunt with a few minor differences in the way of viewing and visiting of the treasures. You can look forward to a pre-set trail taking you through the most amazing places of the chosen location. For home-office employees, the program can also be implemented in indoor mode as a remote team building.

The course of the program

On the day of the event you will meet our team of facilitators who will explain the principle of the game and its rules to you. They will also divide you into teams and lend you tablets with the Mystery Trail game. No worries, the manipulation with the tablet and the application will be explained in detail before the start of the game. During the game our team will be just a phone call away as a technical support. At the end, we will anounce the winners and award them. You don’t need to do anything, our team will take care of the whole event.

Mystery Trail in a nutshell

During the game, you will be sent on a quest to find all the treasures and reach the end of the Mystery Trail. The trail is always pre-set taking your from point A to point B. However, you will always know the location of only one treasure in front of you. Using your tablets with the GPS application TerraHunt, you can reach the treasure in the form of a tricky question or a challenge. If you answer correctly or complete the challenge, you will be rewarded with some points and the location of the next main treasure. If not, you will need to get off the trail to answer a penalty question first before going back to the following treasure. You can choose one of our ready-to-use Mystery Trail games in certain locations or we can create a customized game for you. The remote version of the program is possible as well.

Mystery Trail options

Mystery Trail can be executed in many different forms. You can explore the most beautiful places of historical centers in big cities with this original guide. Or you can choose a Mystery Trail with a theme, where all the treasures, questions and challenges are somehow connected to the main story line, be it an adventure, a lesson of history or a superhero quest. If your heart desires something even more adventurous, you can embark on a Mystery Trail journey through an untamed nature and test yourselves during intriguing outdoor activities. It doesn't matter how much time do you have for this activity because Mystery Trail can fit within any time frame - from a two-hour game to a day-long sports event.

Remote team building

In the case of a virtual indoor version of the program, players can be in different parts of the planet and still play together. Online corporate event can be implemented in two ways:

  • Individual competition - participants will install the app on their devices, scan the QR code and play a virtual game as individual players.

  • Virtual team game - players create teams as in the outdoor version of the program, with one player installed TerraHunt app on device, whose screens are streamed to other team members using Zoom or Microsoft Teams. All members see the same screens and communicate with each other as if they were playing a game next to each other. It is therefore a remote, but at the same time a team version of the Mystery Trail program.

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