Online Corporate Party

Streamed Virtual Party for Home-Office Employees and Partners

​Corporate party directly in your computer's web browser. Organize a Christmas party or a St. Nicholas show for your employees, or a meeting with your business partners in on-line virtual space. Composed program for tens, hundreds or thousands of participants at one time.

1 - 2 hrs
50 - 1000
Online Corporate Party
Online Corporate Party
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Online Corporate Party

About the Event

The online party is streamed via a private YouTube Stream channel. Your employees or partners will only need a computer with an internet connection, a web browser, and headphones or speakers.

Event participants can join the program via live chat directly in streaming, or by sharing their own posts, photos or short videos on social networks with a predetermined hashtag. It is also possible to use live inputs via Zoom or MS Teams. Alternatively, the whole event can be organized as a Live Event using Microsoft Stream and Microsoft Teams. However, we recommend using pre-recorded short videos for company inputs.

Variable Program Content

The recommended length of the program is 1-2 hours, depending on the number and variety of individual inputs. We will prepare a customized on-line entertainment package for you.

You can look forward to a witty moderator, stand-up performance, company quiz, thematic quiz, magic show, music performance, or a short workshop (in case of a St. Nicholas Day handicraft workshops for children, adults can be taught the principle of some tricks from the magic show). It can also include short fun videos shot by the participants themselves.

We recommend sending the event participants a Party Starter Pack in advance (package with snacks - wine, chips, nuts, chocolate).


  • ​own virtual studio

  • a team of moderators, artists and entertainers

  • Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet

Online Party BASIC
  • 05 min    - The moderator's opening - welcoming of participants, introduction of the schedule and content of the streamed broadcast
  • 05 min    - Streaming of company representatives' video - thanks for the work done, information about what awaits the company next year, etc.
  • 10 min    - Entry of the moderator and introduction to the Company Quiz - introduction of a quiz about the company (quiz about the company "behind-the-scenes" information, etc.). Explanation and demonstration of how to run the quiz, rules and information about the game.
  • 20 min    - The Company Quiz - game and live commentary of displayed interim results    
  • 05 min    - Vox Populi 1 - short entertaining videos shot directly by the event participants
  • 15 min    - Magic show - captivating performance full of magic
  • 10 min    - The Christmas Quiz - a quiz about Christmas traditions and customs
  • 05 min    - Vox Populi 2 - short entertaining videos shot directly by the event participants
  • 20 min    - Stand-up - humorous performance of a stand-up comedian
  • 10 min    - Finale - thanks for attending the party and a virtual toast
Online Party MEDIUM

The above variant + extension of the following part of the program

  • 20 min - Stand-up - humorous performance of a stand-up comedian
  • 15 min - Music show - musical performance by an artist (performer with 2 - 3 music performances)

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