Brain Party
Use knowledge in entertaining team competition

Experience Brain Party as a teambuilding program or use it in addition to your evening entertainment.
Event length 1-2hrs
Number of people 6 - 250
Physical demands none
Financial demands low

About event

During the moderated knowledge show called Brain Party participants will stay in small groups and their task will be to answer correctly sets of ten questions from several different topics. The most successful team wins, however all participants will receive interesting information and experiences from the program. Organize Brain Party in addition to your evening program after the outdoor event, or as a highlight of your party. Anytime, anywhere and anyhow!

How does the Brain Party program works

Upon arrival participants are divided into teams by themselves or randomly by moderators. Number of groups is not limited and we recommend range from three to eight participants in each one of them. After the teams establishment and placement behind separated tables moderators will welcome participants and explain the rules of the game. Then game begins usually with five rounds, when each round gves participants a set of ten questions from a certain topic. All the questions are read by moderators and can be seen on slide shows. The aim of the group is to correctly answer to as many questions as possible. It is forbidden to search for answers on mobile devices during the competition. After each round participants will have approximately five minute pause, which is perfect for visiting a bar or a feast table. Before the next round begins moderators will reveal correct answers from the previous round. The last round finishes the game and moderators will announce results and award the winning team with a prize.

Realization team

Moderator team is composed of one man and one woman and its forming gender balanced duo. They have also good language skills so that quiz can take place both in Czech and in English language.

What questions can you look forward?

Competition can be adjusted to your wishes. We have a wide range of topics from the field of sports, general knowledge, nature or history for example. If you are interested in interactive topics such as recognizing music samples, pictures of faces or movie lines then we are ready to prepare specialy tailored Brain Party for your needs. 

For whom is this program suitable?

Brain Party is a great alternative of a teambuilding program for those, who like to learn interesting informations and want to have fun during the informal moderated show. The teams are competing with each other, however the main focus of this knowledge quiz is in interaction within the team and the ability to reach general agreement.

What is a good place for organizing this program?

It is possible to prepare Brain Party program almost enywhere. Program can be organized within your company walls, in the restaurant during the evening feast or in the conference hall during corporate training. The only requirement is the availability of electricity. 

Suitable locations

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