Brain Party

Entertaining Knowledge Team Competition

A team knowledge competition such as Pub Quiz, during which teams compete with several sets of quiz questions and sometimes the moderator himself.

1-2 hrs
6 - 250
Brain Party
Brain Party
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Brain Party

About Event

At the beginning, the moderators welcome all participants, divide them into teams and explain the rules. The game usually includes five rounds of ten question sets of different topics. All questions are read and further commented on by the moderators and at the same time displayed as a slideshow.

The main task of every group is to answer correctly as many questions as possible. The most successful team wins, however, all participants will receive interesting information and experiences from the program. 

It is forbidden to search for answers on mobile devices during the competition. After each round participants will have approximately five minute break perfect for visiting a bar or a banquet table.

Before the start of the next round, the moderators will reveal correct answers from the previous round. After the last round, the final results will be announced and the winning team will receive a prize.

  • great fun - especially for the evening program
  • organized but at the same time casual event
  • wide selection of questions - 13 topics
Selection of Questions
We have a wide range of topics of fields like sports, general knowledge, nature, movies or history. If you like to add something special to the competion we are ready to prepare a customized Brain Party matching your needs. 
Perfect Place

It is possible to organize Brain Party program almost anywhere - within your company walls, in a restaurant during the evening banquet or in a conference hall during your corporate training. The only requirement is the availability of electricity. 

Suitable locations
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