Chocolate Day
sweet temptation for companies

Experience the sweetest working day of your career! Chocolate Day is a relaxing teambuilding workshop full of captivating aromas and flavors. Make your own chocolate pralines and participate in the best praline contest.
Event length 2-2,5 hours
Number of people 10-300
Physical demands none
Financial demands medium

About event

The Chocolate Day is a socializing workshop full of captivating aromas and flavors which will bring you the experience of the sweetest working day of your career. What can you look forward to? Learn interesting information about chocolate and create your own chocolate pralines with original fillings. Enjoy a team competition and take home a package of hand-made pralines


Chocolate day was a very creative and entertaining team building for our team. The organizational team was friendly and helpful. We had a lot of fun and more than that, we got some new interesting knowledge. Thank you. 

Ing. Zuzana Jakšová, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals s.r.o.

Program description

Chocolate show 

The event will start with a short motivational show to test your knowledge and attention and also to tell you some interesting facts about history of chocolate production. We will also explain how to use different types of chocolate and how to add aromatic and flavored ingredients. Next, you can look forward to playing around with chocolate and creating your own pralines. 

Creating chocolate pralines 

You will be divided into teams and move to prepared tables with ingredients and utensils. Let your imagination and creativity fly! There's plenty of time to experiment with different kinds of chocolate and fillings. You can choose from diverse ingredients so your creative part will "walk on air". Each of you will produce a couple of their own chocolate pralines to wrap in a nice package and take home.

Team contest

In case of corporate teams, the program can include a contest as well. The teams work together to produce three kinds of pralines which will be assessed and evaluated according to the presentation, appearance and flavor. In this part of the program, the extroverted and talkative members of the team are usually in the spotlight. In case of more generous time frame, teams can also try chocolate painting to create company or team logo from this sweet material. 


At the end of the program all participants will receive a certificate of participation and authenticity regarding their handmade chocolate pralines. The lenght of the above-mentioned parts of the program can be adjusted matching your needs. 

A program for any occasion

Chocolate Day can be used for many types of corporate events. It is always a great choice for your corporate teambuilding. However, it is especially popular around Christmas as a way to thank employees for their annual work or business partners for their favor. It can also become a stand during bigger events and parties, where people can come to the chocolate making stand and create their pralines whenever they want. 

In a hotel, conference hall or in your office

The program can be organized in many different indoor locations with an access to electricity and water. You can enjoy chocolate making in your office, a hotel conference hall or a different location of your choice. We will be happy to recommend you a suitable place.

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