Treasure Hunt
Team Building with GPS tablets

Teamwork, fun and laughter, hi-tech applications on tablets. Competition program full of interesting things and history. GPS game for everyone in cities like Prague, Brno, Cesky Krumlov, Mikulov, Lednice and more.
Event length 1,5-4 hours
Number of people 4-300
Physical demands low
Financial demands low

About event

The Treasure Hunt team building program is an exciting and modern competition that combines adventure, sightseeing and education in one game. It improves decision-making skills and a time management. It is also about strategy. Participants have to show the ability to team work, to orient themselves in unknown places and to prove creativity and problem solving under the time pressure.

The cooperation with Z-AGENCY was excellent. I can mention great approach, fast communication and perfect organization. We added four outdoor activities (maze, archery, bridge and catapults) to the Treasure Hunt game and everyone enjoyed it very much. We can only recommend their service.

Radka Havlenová, DHL Express (Czech Republic) s.r.o.

How does the Treasure Hunt program work

Each team consisting of 3-10 participants has a tablet with map navigation and our own interactive Treasure Hunt application. Map is showing hidden treasures in the area and for reaching them teams must choose a suitable strategy. When the group gets closer to the treasure, the tablet screen activates a question that is somehow related to the location. The participants will have to choose correct answer at a limited time interval. The goal of this game is to answer correctly as many treasure questions as possible and to get as many points as possible.

On-line scoring a team photos

All tablets are equipped with GPS, connected to the internet and application runs online. Tablets are constantly showing current scores and movement on the map of all teams in real-time. Therefore players can see on the tablet screen where other teams are and how many points do they have, which is very motivating for everyone! Participants may also use tablet cameras for taking team selfies, make a picture of interesting place or hilarious moments. Apart from the results, photos will give participants a beautiful memory of corporate event.

For whom is the program designed

This experiential event is suitable for corporate groups and foreign speaking colleagues at your company. Game will lead participants through the history and interesting places of the city where they work. Czech colleagues can always extend more of their knowledge and skills. For its less time consuming, this activity is advisable as a team relax for the conference, training or clients of travel agencies. 

Program variability

Recommended length of the program is 1-4 hours depending on the amount, difficulty and area range of treasures (questions). On request, it can be organized almost everywhere from the great historical cities up to the interesting natural areas. The program can be created in Czech, English or German (depends on location).

Attractive locations

This program is suitable especially for groups that organize their corporate event in a historically interesting cities (Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Mikulov, Karlovy Vary, Olomouc or natural sites such as Lednice-Valtice park). Carefully selected questions (treasures) are usually hidden near the cultural, historical or natural heritage site. During the game teams will have a chance to get to know with the most interesting places in attractive and entertaining way. 

Treasure Hunt with outdoor activities

Some locations allow to enrich Treasure Hunt program with a lot of outdoor activities. Posts with activities are not necessary to be completed. It is up to each team whether he wants to participate in outdoor activity or not. On each outdoor post waits our skilled instructor. He gives participants the task and explains rules and mechanics of their task (for example instructor of archery). He will also take care of participants safety. After the task is successfully completed participants will receive correct answer on their Treasure Hunt question from the instructor. 

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