Treasure Hunt
GPS or Virtual Team Building

Teamwork, fun and laughter, original application on tablets. Competitive program full of interesting tasks and questions. GPS game for everyone in cities like Prague, Brno, Cesky Krumlov, Mikulov, Lednice and more.
Event length 1,5-4 hours
Number of people 4-300
Physical demands low
Financial demands low

About event

The Treasure Hunt team building program is an exciting and modern competition that combines adventure, sightseeing, and learning in one game. It improves decision-making skills, time management, and strategical thinking. Participants will have to work in a team, orient themselves in unknown places, be creative and solve problems under time pressure. For home-office employees, the game can also be implemented in a remote version.

The cooperation with Z-AGENCY was excellent. I appreciated their great approach, fast communication and perfect organization. We added four outdoor activities (maze, archery, bridge and catapults) to the Treasure Hunt game and everyone enjoyed it very much. We can only recommend their service.

Radka Havlenová, DHL Express (Czech Republic) s.r.o.

How does the Treasure Hunt program work?

Each team consisting of 3-10 participants has a tablet with our own interactive Treasure Hunt application. The map in the Treasure Hunt app is showing virtual treasures, hidden in the area. To reach as many of them as possible, the teams must choose a suitable strategy. When the group gets close to the treasure, the tablet screen automatically activates and shows them a question that is somehow related to the location. Within a limited time interval, the participants have to choose the correct answer. The goal of this game is to get as many points as possible by answering correctly to as many treasure questions as possible. In the case of a virtual version of the program, the questions are displayed continuously one by one.

On-line scoring and team photos

All tablets are equipped with GPS and connected to the internet. The application is running online and is constantly showing current scores and locations of all teams in real-time. Players can see exactly where the other teams are and how many points they have, which is very motivating for everyone! Participants are encouraged to use tablet cameras for taking team selfies, pictures of interesting places or hilarious moments. Apart from the results, the photos will give participants a beautiful memory of a corporate event.

For whom is the program designed?

This immersive event is suitable for Czech or international corporate groups, colleagues and friends. Treasure Hunt will lead the participants through the history and interesting places of the city where they work or where their company event is being held. It can be less time consuming and is as efficient as other team building activities, which makes it a perfect choice for an active relaxation activity for conferences, training or clients of travel agencies. 

Attractive locations

This program is suitable especially for groups that organize their corporate event in historical cities (for example Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Mikulov, Karlovy Vary or Olomouc) or natural sites such as the Lednice-Valtice park. During the game, teams will have a chance to get to know the most interesting places in an attractive and entertaining way

Program options

The recommended length of the Treasure Hunt program is 2-4 hours depending on the amount, difficulty and area range of treasures (questions). It can be organized almost everywhere, from the great historical cities up to interesting natural areas. The program can be created in Czech, English or German (depending on the location).

Remote team building

In the case of a virtual indoor version of the program, players can be in different parts of the planet and still play together. Online corporate event can be implemented in two ways:

  • Individual competition - participants download the application to their device, scan the QR code and play a virtual game as individual players.

  • Virtual team game - players create teams as in the outdoor version of the program, with one player installed on the tablet application TerraHunt, whose screens are streamed to other team members using Zoom or Microsoft Teams. All members see the same screens and communicate with each other as if they were playing a game next to each other. It is therefore a remote, but at the same time a team version of the Treasure Hunt program.

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