Escape Box
Mobile escape game for company and private events

Escape Box is a mobile escape game for company and private events. Do you want to be able to enjoy the thrill the game wherever and whenever you want? Escape Box is for you!
Event length 1,5 - 2,0 hours
Number of people 5 - 50
Physical demands none
Financial demands low

About event

Do you want to play an awesome escape game, but don’t want to go to a specific location of an escape room? Do you want to be able to enjoy the thrill the game wherever and whenever you want? Escape Box is for you! Filled with original riddles, ciphers and brain teasers, this game combines the best of escape games, exit rooms and team building programs. You don’t need to go to an escape room, we will take it to you! Try to solve all the riddles and get the money from the mysterious suitcases in a time limit. You can play with up to four of your friends, as a normal escape room, or you can dare your colleagues and create a competition escape game with many teams at the same time.

Welcome on a regular ferry line over the English Channel! You were enjoying your cocktails, sun rays and talks about your beautiful horses back home in the UK, but your calm journey was disrupted by an unexpected event. A group of felons is at work here, trying to finish off a big criminal plot. Only you and your colleagues can stop them. With the help of the captain of the ship, you need to get the money out of the three locked suitcases the criminals left unattended in the bag storage area. But time is running fast, you only have one hour left until the ship reaches its port! You know what the terrible felons do with those, who are caught while trying to thwart their evil plans.

How does Escape Box work?

The game starts with an introduction by the captain of the ship, who will explain the story and rules, give you the mysterious suitcases and start the clock. Every minute counts! All the members of the team must cooperate to crack all the codes and open all the locks. If successful, you will outsmart the criminals and get sweet financial reward. If you want, at the end of the program you can also reflect on the experience to develop communication, team cooperation and other soft skills of the players

Puzzles, conundrums and riddles

Escape Box includes dozens of riddles and brain teasers, inspired by the best escape games. Our goal was to combine the most engaging and intriguing game mechanics in one program. With Escape Box, you will never have to solve the same type of riddle twice!

Mobile escape game for company and private events

Escape Box is a great alternative to traditional team building programs. It will engage both escape rooms junkies and those, who are only starting out. Escape rooms are awesome, but most of them only by a maximum of 6 people. Escape Box is not limited in such way, up to fifty participants can be engaged at one time, competing in teams not only against the game, but also against other teams. Another big advantage of Escape Box is the possibility to play it at any place! We can bring the escape game to your company meeting, Christmas party, birthday celebration or right to your office for some thrill during the working day. Your journey can also happen in Czech or English language. If you would like to offer Escape Box as a gift for someone, we will be happy to create a beautiful voucher for you.

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