Historical and contemporary weapons
Swords, daggers, muskets

An attractive adventure program for your business partners or employees. Try weapons from medieval times up to present.
Event length 3 hours
Number of people 8-100
Physical demands none
Financial demands middle

About event

The participants will learn how to properly use a wide range of weapons from medieval swords and daggers through early firearms to modern weapons. Our experienced facilitators will explain the ins and outs of all the fascinating weapons and let the participants use them themselves. The program includes also an exhibition performance by our weapon masters.

Cold historical weapons

Participants will practice handling cool weapons such as cord, fleuret, sword, saber, daggers and many more. Our musketeer in his professional attire will ensure they are using the right technique and will add his engaging expert commentary.

Historical firearms

To understand how a simple musket evolved to into today’s modern machines, the participants will explore and shoot different historical firearms, under the supervision of a seasoned historical arms expert.

Airsoft weapons

Airsoft weapons are true replicas of the modern firearms. Your business partners or clients will learn about the weapons, how to use them and will practice shooting at targets.


The participants can choose from different bows, sets of arrows and targets. The facilitator will explain the proper shooting technique and the participants will try this royal sport themselves.


Blowguns are silent, discrete and incredibly effective. That’s why they are favored among Amazonian indigenous peoples and secret agents alike. Easy to learn the technique, but challenging to hit the center of the target, they are very popular choice for a variety of corporate events.


Sling-shots belong to every little kid’s fighting gear, but shooting atypical powerful sling-shots isn’t as easy as it sounds. Participants will have a chance to thouroughly test their abilities.

The exhibition show

The highlight of this event is definitely the exhibition show performed by trained professionals. You can look forward to a demonstration of combat skills with or without guns or an impressive flag throwing show.

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