Historical and Contemporary Weapons

Swords, Daggers, Muskets

During the event you will get acquainted with a wide range of weapons used from the Middle Ages to the present. You will test the weapons yourselves under the supervision of experienced instructors.

3 hrs
Historical and Contemporary Weapons
Historical and Contemporary Weapons
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Historical and Contemporary Weapons

About the Event

The program is aimed at participants of all ages and different physical requirements. There will be several stations available in the selected area, where participants will be able to get acquainted with a wide range of weapons, used since the Middle Ages to the present day.

The program will be conducted in an experiential form, i.e. in addition to an engaging explanation related to the issue, the individual weapons will be able to test themselves under the supervision of experienced instructors.
  • attractive program for business partners
  • swords, daggers, muskets, bows and modern weapons
  • exhibition performance of musketeers
Airsoft Weapons

True replicas of the modern firearms. Your business partners or clients will learn about the weapons, how to use them and will practice shooting at targets.

Cold Historical Weapons
Participants will practice handling cool weapons such as cord, fleuret, sword, saber, daggers and many more. Our musketeers in his professional attire will ensure they are using the right technique and will add his engaging expert commentary.
There will be several bows, sets of arrows and targets. The facilitator will explain the proper shooting technique and the participants will try this royal sport themselves.
Historical Firearms
Musket evolved dramatically into today’s modern guns. The participants will explore and shoot different historical firearms, under the supervision of a seasoned historical arms expert.
Sling-shots belong to every little kid’s fighting gear, but shooting atypical powerful sling-shots isn’t as easy as it sounds. Participants will have a chance to thouroughly test their abilities.
Blowguns are among the non-traditional firearms. It is used by both Amazonians and secret agents. You too will have the opportunity to show how to contend with this discipline.
The Exhibition Show
The highlight of this event is definitely the exhibition show performed by trained professionals. You can look forward to a demonstration of combat skills with or without guns or an impressive flag throwing show.
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