Remote Escape Game

Online Team Building on a Computer or Mobile Screen

Virtual escape game is a team building or corporate event program. Perfect for colleagues who are located in different parts of the planet, whether in the office or at home office.

1- 2 hrs
6 - 3000
Remote Escape Game
Remote Escape Game
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Remote Escape Game

About the Event

Program participants launch the game in the web version of TerraHunt on their computer and can start playing immediately. Just 3 clicks on the mouse are needed to start the game. They can also play on a mobile device (mobile or tablet), just install the TerraHunt application and scan the game's QR code. For example, if you need to entertain virtual conference participants, all you have to do is share the game link and everyone can play in a few seconds.

Players will be shown sophisticated questions, tasks, ciphers and puzzles on the screens, on which they will have to find solutions and get points by answering them correctly. In the online score list, they will see the names of other players or teams, as well as how they are doing during the game. The goal is, of course, to finish and win. The game ends either by completing all the questions or by running out of time.

  • online events for participants anywhere in the world
  • Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, Webex
  • perfect technical background for virtual events
Varied Game Themes

Remote escape games are always set in a fictional adventure story. All questions and tasks are accompanied by stylish comic book graphics. You can look forward to these themes:

  • ​​Amazing Race
  • Sherlock Holmes´ Cases
  • ​​Pirates of the Pacific 
  • Idaho McLovin and the Lost Aztec Treasure
  • The Rise of the Coolmen
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Quiz Hunt
  • The Adventure of Casanova
Virtual Teams Competition
Team building participants will create teams in the same way as in outdoor team building, while one of the players will have the TerraHunt app (cell phone, tablet or web browser) running. The screens of will be streamed to other team members using a communication platform (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex, Skype ...). All members will see the same screens and solve tasks together.

It is therefore a virtual, but at the same time a team effort. It will be up to the team whether they want to communicate via video conferencing (recommended), teleconferencing, or just text messaging on a common channel.
Physical Teams Competition
The participants will form physical teams (3-4 people) and will have one device available (mobile phone, tablet, computer). Other teams can be in the same room, in the same building, or at the opposite side of the planet Earth. However, the members of one team will be together at the same place.
Individual Competition
Each of the players will play and will have to deal with the prepared tasks himself. During the solving, participants can also take photos with the device and the captured images will be synchronized to a common on-line storage together with the results.
Virtual Escape Game Outside and Anywhere

Do you like virtual escape games and do you want to play one in the real environment of the city, park or area around the resort in which you plan to organize a corporate event? We will be happy to do this for you within our outdoor programs Treasure Hunt or Mystery Trail.

Enjoy outdoor team competition on your own mobile device everywhere you want. We will place our thematic Treasure Hunts to any location you want. You can enjoy a Treasure Hunt with the Story anytime, anywhere and with a limitless number of participants.

We tried an untraditional teambuilding from Z-AGENCY s.r.o. - VIRTUALLY, THE TEAM HEAD OUT IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF Sherlock Holmes. Someone from the office, someone from the home office, but we all had fun and been relaxed for a while! We definitely recommend this non-traditional entertainment. Great cooperation and approach, everything went beyond expectations. We will be happy to do it again.
Marketa Kopecka, HR manager, Greiner Packaging s.r.o.

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