Work-life Balance

Development Program with Coaching Elements

The Work-life balance program takes into account the individuality of each participant and his situation, so everyone will take away exactly what they need to increase their satisfaction with their own lives.

Individual evaluation and search for tailor-made solutions is achieved with the help of coaching principles and methods.

2 - 2,5 hrs
10 - 100
Work-life Balance
Work-life Balance
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Work-life Balance

About the Event

The program begins with an introduction to the topic and a common reflection on its importance. This is followed by a visualization activity focused on becoming aware of the current state of one's own life and the future it will bring in case of maintaining the set course. A short theoretical part on the concepts of satisfaction and ikigai follows, including group brainstorming.

The follow-up coaching technique the Wheel of Life will help the participants to analyze their current situation in more detail and to reveal the areas whose change will lead to the greatest increase in satisfaction in their lives.

Visualization of a happy life as well as sharing tips on what works for others and a practical demonstration will contribute to the motivation to make a positive change.

The "15 minute coach session" further supports the course toward a change, where participants try out the role of both coach and client in pairs. With the help of the already created Wheels of Life, everyone sets their goal and the first steps to achieve it. This part takes place in individual breakout rooms with the support of the lecturer, who is available at all times in the main room to answer any questions.

In the end, everyone meets in the main room for the last joint sharing and farewell.
  • program with an experienced lecturer
  • individual approach
  • possibility of implementation for large groups of participants
Used Methods and Approaches

The program combines individual work (the Wheel of Life) and work in a large group (introductory brainstorming), in smaller groups (tips for good practice) and in pairs (mutual coaching). It provides participants with enough space to share, but does not force them to do so. It thus respects the unique needs of each individual and his/her comfort zone. To achieve the goals, it mainly uses the methods of visualization, the Wheel of Life and the GROW model.

The Online version
For communication between the lecturer and the participants, we mainly use the Zoom program, which allows us to create so-called Breakout Rooms in online version. These allow you to create so-called Breakout Rooms.

Most of the program takes place in the main room together with the lecturer. For some activities, however, it is necessary to allow participants to work independently in smaller groups or pairs. For that the separate virtual spaces are ideal.

The participants of the event only need a computer with an internet connection, paper and pens or thin markers of two colors.

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