On-line Rum Tasting with Chocolate
The most sinful gastronomic program for companies

An on-line tasting program full of the most sensual gastronomic sins. Immerse yourself in the flavors of exotic rums and luxury chocolate. A virtual program that gets deeper than just under your skin.
Event length 1,5 -2,0 hrs
Number of people 20 - 1000
Physical demands none
Financial demands medium to higher

About event

An on-line corporate event offers the most sinister gastronomic experiences you can imagine. Several samples of luxury rums await you. You can enjoy them alone or in combination with chocolate, which will enhance the taste experience.

Before the Event

One to two weeks before the event we will send the participants of the tasting the so-called "RUM STARTER PACK". This package (Basic, Medium, Delux or Delux Plus) will contain a selected rumschocolate and rum glasses. We only hope that the participants will postpone the consumption until the beginning of the on-line program. We will also send them a link to a private YouTube broadcast, or also to a joint meeting using Zoom or MS Teams (other communication platforms by agreement).

The Process of On-line Rum Tasting

You can look forward to a live broadcast from our virtual studio or in this case virtual bar. Together with a rum expert, a tasting of a selected package will begin, associated with interesting facts about rum. You will learn what rum is, where it can come from, how it tastes across the world's continents, how it is made and what its history is. This is just a small fraction of the questions that our on-line rum tasting will answer. 

Pairing with Chocolate

The smell and taste of chocolate are easy to find in rums, which is why the combination of rum and chocolate offers itself. We will create an inimitable taste pleasure that will awaken all your senses. You will learn how the taste of chocolate can wonderfully change the characteristics of rum and thanks to this connection you will experience two tastings at the same time.

Rum Tasting Packages Options

For all packages, you can choose either the 20 cl variant (tasting shot) or 40 cl (classic shot).


The package contains seven samples of rum. You can look forward to Appleton Estate 12y.o. (Jamaica), Doorly´s XO (Barbados), Angostura 1919 (Trinidad & Tobago), Malecon 15y.o. (Panama), Gold Of Mauritius (Mauritius), Manacas Extra Añejo (Caribbean), Cubaney Elixir (Dominican Rep.).


The package contains six samples of rum and 6 pieces of Willie’s chocolate wrapped in cellophane. You will enjoy Matusalem 15y.o. (Dominican Rep.), Plantation Pineapple (Barbados), Puntacana Esplendido (Dominican Rep.), La Hechicera (Colombia), Beach House White (Mauritius), Blue Mauritius (Mauritius).


The package contains six samples of rum (same as in the medium variant), 6 pieces of Willie’s chocolate wrapped in cellophane. It also contains 2 rum glasses (50 ml shots) made of hand-cut CRYSTALITE - Bohemia Crystal glass in a satin-lined box.

Delux Plus

The package contains six samples of rum (same as in the medium variant), 6 pieces of Willie’s chocolate wrapped in cellophane and 2 tasting glasses for rum, brandy or cognac (280 ml) made of hand-cut Bohemia Crystal lead crystal in a satin-lined box.

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