Soap workshop
sweet-scented teambuilding

Soap workshop is a creative program suitable for many occasions. Your employees, their families or your business partners will for sure appreciate an opportunity to create and take away their hand-made natural soaps.
Event length 2-2,5 hours
Number of people 5-60
Physical demands none
Financial demands medium

About event

You are definitely not going to get dirty participating in our soap workshop! Let your imagination go wild and create something truly unique. Learn few facts about the history of manufacturing and its use in the course of time in an engaging way

Parts of the program

A soap show

In the first part, our soap specialists will guide you through the history of manufacturing and soap usage including an explanation of soap ingredients and its functions. Part of the presentation is also an entertaining quiz for the participants. Then you will start making your own soaps at a working desk.

Soap making

Our trained instructors will be ready to assist you, show you different techniques or give useful tips of how to make beautiful and aromatic soaps. The result is only limited by your creativity! You will be given a broad range of colours, fragrances, additives, forms and wrapping materials. 

Team contest

Apart from making your own soaps to take home, your task will be to create one team soap to compete in a team contest. A short presentation about the product of each team will be followed by the announcement of the best team soap and rewarding of the winning team. Finally, you'll be given time to wrap your hand-made soaps in prepared gift packages.

Who is the program for?

Our soap workshop is a relax indoor activity. If you don't have time or are not in the mood for an action-packed teambuilding, this program is the right choice for you. It can be held on its own or as an addition to your corporate training or Christmas party. Encourage your team's creativity and give them an opportunity to take home lovely presents for their friends and relatives.

Where could it be held?

This workshop is rather spatially unpretentious. We can execute it in your company premises, lounge bar of your chosen restaurant or in a hotel conference room. We only need electric power.

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Suitable locations

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