On-line Wine Tasting for Companies
Wine tasting for home-office employees and business partners

South Moravia´s wine tasting directly in your living room. Corporate on-line tasting for home-office employees and business partners.
Event length 1,5 - 2 hrs
Number of people 20 - 1000
Physical demands none
Financial demands medium to higher

About event

A practical on-line corporate event will offer you the best that is available in South Moravia. We will send the atmosphere of the wine cellar to your colleagues or partners via on-line streaming and with a package of excellent South Moravian wines. Implementation is possible in Czech or English.

Before the Event

One to two weeks before the event, we will send the participants of the tasting a package that will contain a selected variant of wines and delicacies (Basic, Medium, Delux), a link to a private YouTube broadcast and possibly a joint Zoom or MS Teams meeting.

The Process of On-line Tasting

At the time of the tasting, participants will join the broadcast from our virtual studio and wine cellar. Together with the winemaker, a tasting of the selected package will begin, as well as stories from life under Pálava.

Participants in the corporate event can ask winemakers questions via chat (which is part of the YouTube Stream), or via Zoom or MS Teams.

Everyone can then test their newly acquired knowledge of wine in a short wine quiz.

Variants of Packages for Tasting


The package contains seven 0.2 l samples of excellent Moravian wine. You can look forward to Neuburské 2019, Strýcovo rosé 2018, Děvín 2018, Ryzlink rýnský 2019,  Zweigeltrebe klaret 2019,  Beziňon and Cabernet Moravia 2019. 


The package contains seven 0.2 l samples of more luxurious Moravian wines and small delicacies, which should not be missing in any tasting (nuts, dried fruits, potato chips). You can enjoy Ryzlink vlašský Valtická, Ryzlink vlašský Ořechová hora, Sauvignon 2019, Chardonnay 2019, Sylvánské zelené 2019, Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 and Dornfelder 2019.


If you want to impress the participants of the event, you can send them a Deluxe gift box. It contains seven 0.2 l samples of the most luxurious wines from the winery's menu, delicacies for tasting and two wine glasses made of hand-cut Bohemia Crystal in a satin-lined box.

In this variant you can enjoy Ryzlink rýnský 2018, Ryzlink vlašský Železná, Hibernal, Pálava, Rulandské bílé OAK, Rulandské modré and Merlot.

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