Online Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting for Home-Office Employees and Business Partners
An online corporate event full of experiences from South Moravia. We will send the atmosphere of the wine cellar to your colleagues or partners via online streaming and with a package of excellent South Moravian wines.
1,5 - 2 hrs
20 - 1000
Online Wine Tasting
Online Wine Tasting
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Online Wine Tasting

About the Event

One to two weeks before the event, we will send the participants of the tasting a package that will contain a selected variant of wines and delicacies (Basic, Medium, Exclusive), a link to  joint Zoom or MS Teams meeting (other platforms by ageement).

At the time of the tasting, participants will join the broadcast from our virtual studio and wine cellar. Together with the winemaker, a tasting of the selected package will begin, as well as stories from life under Pálava.

Participants in the corporate event can ask winemakers questions via Zoom or MS Teams. You can also look forward to an informal knowledge competition, thanks to which the moderator of the event will keep the participants' attention even in the more advanced phase of the tasting.

For face to face experience and rum tasting at your physical company event, order the Assorted Degustation.

  • excellent wines from South Moravia

  • We send packages throughout the Czech Republic and throughout the EU

  • tasting events for and for international groups

Wine tasting package - BASIC
The package contains seven 0.2 l samples of excellent Moravian wine. You can look forward to Ryzlink vlašský Černé díly 2021, Strýcovo rosé 2022, Chardonnay 2021, Děvín 2021, Bílý Zweigelt 2021, Cabernet Moravia - červené 2020, Beziňon.
Wine tasting package - MEDIUM
The package contains seven 0.2 l samples of more luxurious Moravian wines.You can enjoy Ryzlink vlašský Ořechová hora 2021, Ryzlink vlašský Goldhamer 2021, Sauvignon 2021, Hibernal 2021, Sylvánské zelené 2021, Pálava 2021, Zweigeltrebe - červené 2020.
Wine tasting package - EXCLUSIVE

Six 0.187 l samples of exclusive Moravian wines and six pieces of cheese directly from the farm (cow and goat semi-hard cheeses). The package includes Sauvignon 2020, Sylvan Green 2020, Merlot Rosé 2020, Pálava 2020, Frankovka Rosé 2020, Frankovka 2019.

Bonus Pack

For true gourmets, the packages can be enriched with additional items. There is a choice of delicacies (dried fruits, almonds, sunflower seeds), premium farm products (cheeses, pâtés, wine jams) or gift packaging of two wine glasses made of hand-cut Bohemia Crystal in a satin lined box.

The program was great. I really liked it and according to the feedback our employees did too. Thanks again for the organization. We look forward to further cooperation with you.
Silvie Žeravová, SAP Ariba Czech s.r.o.

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