Stress Management and Positivity

Let's take a look at the topic of STRESS with the typical outlook and humor of the popular M*A*S*H TV show.

This development program will guide you through researching the causes of stress, coping techniques and even come out with prevention tips!

4-5 hrs
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About Event

The participants are introduced to the topic and motivated by a simulation strategy game, followed up by several activities with reflections. Various audiovisual elements are used to create a more realistic atmosphere of the field hospital. After completing their tasks and discussing their experiences, the participants will have the chance to return to the field hospitals once again and test their newly acquired knowledge in the game.

The program is based on the principles of experiential pedagogy, experience-reflective learning and sharing of practical methods and tips. Participants leave the program with a strong shared experience anchored in theory, new understanding about stress, and armed with new useful techniques to prevent stress or deal with it in a constructive way.

  • stress management experiential training
  • reflection led by a lecturer
  • strong shared experience 
Objectives of the Development Program

Stress is one of the biggest fears of today’s work and even personal life. It reduces the quality of life, can cause all sorts of diseases, and even kill. 

The program’s focus is to help participants to adopt stress management techniques, perceiving failure as an opportunity for learning, and a positive attitude to life and the experiences it offers. It also helps to increase the effectiveness of teamwork, build teams, unveil team roles, practice communication and leadership.

Model Situations

In a faraway country called Stresoria, a war broke out. Participants are sent to the war zone as M*A*S*H Field Hospitals doctors, nurse and other staff. Once there, they will need to train themselves to cope with stressful situations and be able to maintain self-control and calm in tense combat conditions.

The teams will experience a simulation game that imitates the stressful life of field hospital workers. Then they will reflect on this experience from the point of view of failure, stress management, crisis communication, and a positive attitude towards life

I've learned or rather realized several things and have started to do them in real life. For example the body posture vs the mental state. I believe I am also able to get a better perspective in a stressful situation. Moreover, I've learned how my colleagues react under pressure which is very useful. 

Jan Böhm, Acco Brands
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