Programs for corporate events and team building

The Boyard Fortress
3-6 hours
Difficulty medium
Stylized team building program with a story organized in castles or strongholds. You will experience the sharp-tongued hunchbacks, brave knights and cunning prisoners.
Escape Box
1,5 - 2,0 hours
5 - 50
Difficulty none
Escape Box is a mobile escape game for company and private events. Do you want to enjoy the thrill of an escape wherever and whenever you want? Escape Box is for you!
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Chocolate making day
2-2,5 hours
Difficulty none
Experience the sweetest working day of your career and enjoy your chocolate dream! Chocolate day is a relaxing team building workshop full of captivating aromas and flavors. Make your own chocolate pralines.
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Secrets of Moravian Karst
3-6 hours
Difficulty low
Enjoy your stay in the attractive Karst area, visit caves and other natural monuments. Use underground boats, cave rappelling, scooters, archery and much more.
teambuildingbusiness meetingexperienceincentive
John´s castle treasure
3-5 hours
Difficulty low
Experiential and team program in the Lednice-Valtice area. Wonders of Lednice park with activities. Corporate events in the heart of South Moravia.
creative workshopteambuildingindoorexperience
Building insect hotels and feeders
2-5 hours
Difficulty low
Building insect hotels and feeders for small animals is great fun and an awesome topic for a non-traditional team building event.
creative workshopbusiness meetingexperienceindoor
Soap workshop
2-2,5 hours
Difficulty none
Soap workshop is a creative program suitable for many occasions. In an attractive form, you will be introduced to the exciting history of manufacturing and usage of soap products.
Brain Party
1-2 hours
6 - 250
Difficulty none
Experience Brain Party as a teambuilding program or use it in addition to your evening entertainment.
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The Revolt of the Machines
3-6 hours
Difficulty low
The Revolt of the Machines is an action-filled program full of passion, unique adventures, and most importantly strong machines.
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Historical and contemporary weapons
3 hours
Difficulty none
Adventurers and historical enthusiasts of all genders will appreciate our program of historical and contemporary weapons. This show will always keep you on your guard and is a great complement to seminars and events for your business partners.
sports eventexperienceteambuildingadrenaline
2-4 hours
Difficulty middle
During this airsoft program, you will learn how to take care of your weapon, develop the best strategy, react to attacks of your enemies, crawl through mud and bushes and most importantly you will have a lot of fun.
Don Maccarone
3-5 hours
Difficulty low
Make your dreams come true and take part in a Mafia-style party with the glamour of the thirties. The guests can enjoy a wide range of indoor activities, comic shows, stylish costumes and the good old times atmosphere.