Programs for corporate events and team building

indoorteambuildingremote teambuilding
Remote Escape Game
1- 2 hours
6 - 1000
Difficulty none
A new generation of mobile exit games for virtual corporate events. Remote team building for home-office employees or for fun with colleagues on the other side of the world.
GPS gameteambuildingbusiness meetingremote teambuilding
Treasure Hunt
1,5-4 hours
Difficulty low
Teamwork, fun and laughter, original application on tablets. Competitive program full of interesting tasks and questions. GPS game for everyone in cities like Prague, Brno, Cesky Krumlov, Mikulov, Lednice and more.
indoorexperienceremote teambuildingpartybusiness meeting
On-line Wine Tasting for Companies
1,5 - 2 hrs
20 - 1000
Difficulty none
South Moravia´s wine tasting directly in your living room. Corporate on-line tasting for home-office employees and business partners.
experienceremote teambuildingindoorbusiness meeting
On-line Chocolate Tasting for Companies
1,0 - 1,5 hour
15 - 1000
Difficulty none
On-line tasting of the best chocolates right at your home. Corporate on-line events on your computer screen.
indoorpartyremote teambuildingexperience
On-line Rum Tasting with Chocolate
1,5 -2,0 hrs
20 - 1000
Difficulty none
An on-line tasting program full of the most sensual gastronomic sins. Immerse yourself in the flavors of exotic rums and luxury chocolate. A virtual program that gets deeper than just under your skin.
indoorbusiness meetingremote teambuildingcorporate training
Virtual Conference
1 - 6 hrs
Difficulty none
An on-line conference, congress or seminar from a virtual studio. Organize an event for an unlimited number of participants from anywhere on the planet.
indoorexperienceremote teambuilding
On-line Magic Workshop
1,5 - 2 hrs
10 - 40
Difficulty none
A virtual corporate event during which you will learn some impressive magic tricks. On-line workshop for home-office employees on a computer screen.
indoorremote teambuilding
Remote Pub Quiz
0,5 - 1 hour
10 - 1000
Difficulty none
A virtual team program inspired by a popular pub nights. On-line corporate events with fun competitive activity.
corporate trainingindoorremote teambuilding
Work-life Balance On-line
2 - 2,5 hrs
10 - 100
Difficulty none
The Work-life Balance online program focuses on the topic of balancing personal and professional life leading to long-term life satisfaction. Using various coaching techniques you will assess your current situation and find ways to improve it.
corporate trainingremote teambuilding
Conflict Resolution Training
1,5 hrs
6 - 20
Difficulty none
In this workshop, you will look at the conflict from the perspective of a respectful approach that seeks to find solutions that are beneficial to all involved. You will learn various emotion management techniques and other key skills to prevent conflicts and resolve them effectively.
indoorremote teambuildingexperienceparty
On-line corporate party
1 - 2 hours
50 - 1000
Difficulty none
Virtual corporate program as a version of a Christmas party for employees or as a St. Nicholas program for employees' families. Two hours of on-line fun!
corporate trainingremote teambuilding
Communication skills training
1,5 hrs
6 - 20
Difficulty none
This practical online workshop will introduce you to the basics of Non-violent communication, which you will try out together in several exercises. Acquired skills such as active listening, empathic reaction or self-communication can be used in all spheres of your life.