Programs for corporate events and team building

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On-line Yoga Workshop
1,5 - 2,5 hrs
5 -15
Difficulty lower to medium
On-line Yoga Workshop for companies, or regular lessons in a virtual studio. Physical rest and mental cleansing in the form of relaxation exercises for company teams and individual employees.
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Secrets of Moravian Karst
3-6 hours
Difficulty low
Enjoy your stay in the attractive Karst area, visit caves and other natural monuments. Try underground boat ride, cave rappelling, scooters, archery and much more.
experiencesports eventbusiness meetingadrenaline
Machine Rebellion
3-6 hours
Difficulty low
Machine Rebellion is an action-filled program full of adrenaline, unique adventures, and most importantly strong machines. Enjoy lots of fun and thrill.
sports eventexperienceteambuildingadrenaline
Airsoft program
2-4 hours
Difficulty middle
Team adventure program packed with action and adrenaline. During this airsoft program, you will work on your strategy, evaluate plans of your enemies, crawl through bushes and most importantly enjoy yourselves to the fullest.
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Customized event
Difficulty ???
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