Programs for corporate events and team building

indoorbusiness meetingremote teambuildingcorporate training
Virtual Conference
1 - 6 hrs
Difficulty none
An on-line conference, congress or seminar from a virtual studio. Organize an event for an unlimited number of participants from anywhere on the planet.
corporate trainingindoorremote teambuilding
Work-life Balance On-line
2 - 2,5 hrs
10 - 100
Difficulty none
The Work-life Balance online program focuses on the topic of balancing personal and professional life leading to long-term life satisfaction. Using various coaching techniques you will assess your current situation and find ways to improve it.
corporate trainingindoorteambuildingremote teambuilding
Lost in Translation On-line
3,5 hrs
10 - 50
Difficulty none
Do you think that when you speak the same language, the information cannot just be lost in translation? This on-line development program will practically show you how this happens and what you can do about it. Program reveals the reserves in your team communication and helps with their correction. All of that with the help of skilled facilitator.
corporate trainingteambuildingindoorremote teambuilding
On-line Battle for the White House
2-3 hrs
Difficulty low
On-line Battle for the White House is a virtual company program focusing on the development of creativity, time management and strategic thinking. You will become part of a fictitious fight for the presidency.
corporate trainingteambuildingindoor
3-4 hours
Difficulty low
Meetings is a development program aimed at facilitation of communication and cooperation within a team and passing information across teams. It consists of several consecutive steps (rounds). In each round, teams fulfill given tasks, cooperate with other teams, create their own outputs and reflect on the results of their work.
corporate trainingteambuildingindoor
Battle for the White House
3-4 hours
Difficulty low
Battle for the White House is a creative simulation game focused on the development of strategic thinking and creativity. Two consulting teams battle for their candidate to become the new US president.
corporate trainingindoorteambuilding
4-5 hours
Difficulty low
Siren is announcing the arrival of another helicopter. Professional team of doctors. Work under pressure in field conditions. This and much more you will experience in the M*A*S*H development program focused on stress management and teamwork.
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Customized event
Difficulty ???
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