Fort Krelov

Fort Krelov
unique fortress in the Olomouc congress region

Fort Krelov is a military fortress, which is located northwest of Olomouc in the Krelov village. It is easily accessible by highway D2. There are several fortresses around Olomouc city but Fort Krelov is the most preserved and offers much more possibilities for corporate event and team building realization then others.

Directly in the fortress there is a large stylish restaurant which can accommodate very large groups. It is also possible to arrange feast in the inner courtyard of the fortress where cultural performances, parties, barbecues and more events are regularly organized.

Fortress has two rooms where corporate trainings and conferences are organized. Capacity of each room is 100 people. Fort Krelov and its surroundings is an ideal place for team building and outdoor programs. You can use surrounding meadows, ramparts and extensive system of underground casemates for all kind of activities. These impressive underground spaces makes this object a perfect place for winter team building program.

The fortress is very large and the whole coplex takes almost 60 thousand square meters and allows you to organize corporate events for many participants. Accommodation can be arranged in a nearby hotels and guest houses. Event participants are usually accommodated at the four-star hotel Pracharna or Hesperia which are approximately 2km away from fortress. NH Olomouc**** hotel is also a good option. For greater fun you can use our veteran bus for transportation from the hotel to the fortress and back.

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