RS Kletecna a Zelivka

RS Kletecna a Zelivka
holiday resort close to the D1 highway

Zelivka and Kletecna are two sister resorts, which lies next to the D1 highway and close to Humpolec city. Both of them are located halfway between Prague and Brno, so they are easily accessible from all parts of the country. 

Resorts are surrounded with wild forests and Highland meadows so that makes them an excellent locations for organizing adventurous programs.


In addition to the great location in the middle of the Czech Republic we must say that Kletecna is also interesting for its capacity. There are 300 beds available in a hotel building, apartments and cabins. Hotel building has been renovated in the past two years and it offers a very good accommodation standard. The building has also two large meeting rooms and an outdoor covered terrace. That's why Kletecna is suitable not only for outdoor programs but also for corporate trainings and congresses. You can organize a team buildings or an outdoor program for a large groups in Kletecna place.


Zelivka is approximately 4 kilometers away from Kletecna and it lies directly on the shore of Zelivka river. It has a capacity of 190 beds in the hotel building and in surrounding cabins. There are 3 lounges and 3 outdoor pergolas available so there is no need to build party tents for larger events. Big advantage of Zelivka is a huge natural amphitheater which gradually turns into a forest and is dominated by an outdoor restaurant. For this reason we recommend this object for wide range of outdoor team building programs. Due to the size of the area we can organize any outdoor event for several hundred of participants.

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