On-line Magic Workshop
A virtual corporate event full of magic and mystery

A virtual corporate event during which you will learn some impressive magic tricks. On-line workshop for home-office employees on a computer screen.
Event length 1,5 - 2 hrs
Number of people 10 - 40
Physical demands none
Financial demands medium

About event

Who among you didn't want to be able to cast a spell as a child? Don´t expect to turn water into wine, but you will find out how to do great tricks to amaze your loved ones. The on-line corporate program will take you through a world of impressive magic tricks.

On-line Program Process

You can look forward to a short introductory show, during which you will see several top-notch tricks on your computer screen. After that, you will discover on what principle each of the outputs is based, and each will be demonstrated once again slowly and with a thorough explanation.

Under the supervision of our master of magic, you will then try the magic tricks yourselves and bring them to perfection through training.

Technical Solution

To implement the program, participants will need a computer connected to the Internet, access to YouTube, and one of the favorite communication platforms (MS Teams, Zoom or Webex).

They will also need physical aids for performing magic tricks - these will be sent to everyone in advance in a package by mail. The magic show will take place on the YouTube Stream (private link), the workshop itself with the lecturer and aids will then be used using a communication application.

What Can you Look Forward To

3-4 magic numbers are waiting for you, which can be studied in a shorter time interval. You don't have to worry about anything extremely complicated, such as passing through an airplane propeller or cutting through with a saw. The tricks are suitable for beginners and our master of magic has endless patience.

The tricks are built in such a way that it is possible to demonstrate it immediately after the end of the course. You will have plenty of time to ask all the essentials and try everything thoroughly. Then, when you meet with colleagues at a joint event face-to-face, you can demonstrate and consult with each other. You can also fascinate your family, friends or secret loves.

Model Schedule

  • 10 min - Magic show of Master Gabriel
  • 60 - 90 min - Workshop
  • 15 min - Final show of course participants

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