The Boyard Fortress
Team building with a strong experience

Stylized team building program with a story organized in castles or strongholds. You will experience the sharp-tongued hunchbacks, brave knights and cunning prisoners.
Event length 3-6 hours
Number of people 15-300
Physical demands medium
Financial demands medium

About event

The Boyard Fortress is a stylish team building program that will take you to the unmerciful Middle Ages. Participants will have the first-hand experience of real treachery, suffering, escape, and freedom. The Boyard Fortress program emphasizes the theatrical performance of instructors and a refined medieval sense of humor.

I was really surprised how people, who usually don´t even talk to each other, work as a team and push their limits just to win as a team. We had a lot of fun, games were interesting, also original and the whole day was organized very well. For the first time everyone is actually looking forward to participate in the next team buliding. Thank you!

Petra Matsumoto, MAKRO Cash & Carry ČR s.r.o.

Team building with a powerful story

The storyline of the whole company event gives all the participants even greater motivation and appetite for accomplishing the tasks ahead of them. Right from the very beginning, everyone is uncompromisingly immersed into the atmosphere by instructors in Middle Age costumes. Thanks to the catchy story participants get involved in the event from the first minutes.

How does the Boyard Fortress work? 

Immediately after their arrival, during the opening motivational scene, the participants are dressed in simple costumes and divided into groups. Each group represents an unfairly accused aristocratic family that was betrayed and thrown into jail. Now, the noblemen must overcome many obstacles, quests, and challenges to successfully escape from the prison, to reveal the dishonest intentions of treacherous prince Zavish and to regain their freedom. During the program, all the teams will go through 6 to 8 tasks and the final challenge. At the closing ceremony, the most successful family will be knighted.

What challenges are awaiting you?

The program contains constructive, athletic, intellectual, shooting and slightly adrenaline tasks. Most challenges are testing team cooperation and communication, others promote personal bravery, sacrifice, and self-confidence. The wide range of activities means that even the least sporty participants will enjoy it. You can look forward to the duel on the beam, archery, stealing the wine of Zavish, rappelling the castle tower and much more. Precise activity structure will be suggested based on your wishes, location and physical capabilities of the participants.

Where can the program be implemented?

To evoke the perfect medieval atmosphere and to draw the participants into action we recommend to implement The Boyard Fortress in spaces of castles or strongholds. We have a list of trusted locations and, according to the number of participants, accommodation requirements and travel distance, we will recommend you the most suitable place.

Personnel and safety 

For the whole duration of the program, the aristocratic families are accompanied by the other prisoners (our instructors). They support their team, explain the tasks, motivate, and give rewards. Medic, photographer, professional artists and instructors of special activities also enhance the production and make sure the event runs smoothly.

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