Conflict Resolution Training
A development program based on a respectful approach

In this workshop, you will look at the conflict from the perspective of a respectful approach that seeks to find solutions that are beneficial to all involved. You will learn various emotion management techniques and other key skills to prevent conflicts and resolve them effectively.
Event length 1,5 hrs
Number of people 6 - 20
Physical demands none
Financial demands medium

About event

The program combines the necessary theory, practical advice and tips in a balanced way together with exercises, where participants try out the newly gained knowledge immediately. Conflict is perceived as a natural part of life with the potential for growth of all parties involved and their relationships.

In the introduction we will get to know each other better and then we will start the first short activity with the aim of "breaking the ice" and getting on the same page before training itself. We will first talk about what a conflict is and why it arises, thus touching on the topic of emotions and needs. The first step to stop the conflict – to take some time - will lead us to emotion management techniques that can be used in a variety of situations. This will be followed by the sharing of proven tips from the lecturer and the participants themselves.

Then, we will try one of the techniques directly. We will follow up on the topic of emotions by introducing several key elements that help to find a win-win solution. In order to master them better, we will first practice them in simple exercises and then apply them in several model situations. There will also be a space to answer any questions in this section. We will end the training with useful advice on how to prevent conflicts and by highlighting the most important knowledge which the participants leave with. 

Respectful approach

A respectful approach is based on the belief that everyone has the same value and right to meet their needs. It is characterized by equal, partnership relations (as opposed to power, hierarchical relations) and the effort to jointly find solutions that are beneficial for all parties. A respectful approach strengthens the inner motivation, personal responsibility and life satisfaction of individuals. 

Although it originally developed in the field of education, its principles gradually spread to other spheres of life, including the corporate environment, where it is applied primarily in the so-called free companies (f.e. Semco Ricarda Semlera). 

Program structure - 1,5 hrs

  • 10 min – brief introduction of the program, lecturer and participants 
  • ​10 min – themed icebreaker
  • 05 min – conflict in context - definition, emotions and needs, 1st step
  • 15 min – emotion management techniques - practical tips, sharing, demonstration
  • 15 min – finding a win-win solution - listening, self-communication, codecision, practice
  • 25 min – practical examples - application of obtained information to model situations, questions
  • 05 min – prevention - how to prevent conflicts
  • 05 min – What am I leaving with? - sharing the most important knowledge that participants bring with them

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