Insect Hotels Construction

a philanthropic teambuilding

Thanks to this creative program, you will build something useful and beautiful and you will feel good about a job well done.

The result of your efforts will be amazing insect houses, which can be given for example to kindergartens to  make children happy.

3-5 hod
Insect Hotels Construction
Insect Hotels Construction
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Insect Hotels Construction

The program is designed to be successfully executed in about 3-4 hours. In case of a request for a longer event, it is possible to extend the program with the creation of bird feeders (approx. 1-2 hours).

More than forty addressed kindergartens have expressed interest in placing insect houses in their gardens. Thus, your creations will certainly be used.

  • philanthropic teambuilding
  • facilitation of team creativity
  • ​tangible results of the work


Part 1 - Preparation

Teambuilding participants are divided into work teams. All participants are first explained the individual steps of the project, plans and basic information needed for the correct use of tools, aids and work safety.


Part 2 - Walls Construction

Teams move to desks and work on their projects independently. Each team has different work plans and arrangement of the internal partitions of the houses, so the finished products of insect hotels are unique and not interchangeable with others.

During the construction part, the participants work, for example, with wooden slats, angles, saws, raspers, cordless drills and other, especially hand tools. Thus, they often gain new experience with small craft production.


Part 3 - Filling with Natural Materials

A very creative part, which consists in filling hotels with natural materials such as cones, twigs, old perforated bricks, straw or reed stalks.

Part 4 - Projects Presentation

After completing all projects, the teams present the results of their work.

It was something we hadn't tried yet and it turned out great. Colleagues had fun during the whole event, even during the final presentation of the finished houses. There was even great interest in taking them home. I can only add that I appreciate the great preparation on your part: instructors (expertise, language skills, preparation of working places, preparation of material). Thank you for another nice experience. If possible, we will definitely turn to you in the future.

Daniel Dobos, Corporate Training Manager, cargo-partner ČR

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