The Revolt of the Machines
adrenalin and unique adventure

The Revolt of the Machines is an action-filled program full of passion, unique adventures, and most importantly strong machines.
Event length 3-6 h
Number of people 15-125
Physical demands low
Financial demands middle

About event

The Revolt of the Machines is an action-filled program full of passion, unique adventures, and most importantly strong machines. In the middle of the unbridled Highlands region, you will have once-in-a-lifetime chance to command a luxury fleet of quad bikes and ATVs, excavators and RC models. Your adrenalin will be raised by a hovercraft ride or a tour in an off-road car. No waiting in the line just for a short drive, just choose your machine and feel the power under the hood. It might seem like a purely manly adventure, but we saw many skillful and excited ladies taming the ATVs or steer a huge excavator.

With the Z-AGENCY team, we enjoyed a lot of adrenaline and fun. Everything was perfectly prepared, including a reasonable time schedule. On behalf of my team, I would like to thank everyone involved. We look forward to seeing you next year.

Martin Němec, Managing Director ALLTUB Central Europe

Adrenalin team building activities

Is that little hill over there making you angry? Just hop in the excavator and erase it from the face of the Earth! Get on the ATVs and chase your colleagues on a quad bike through a challenging terrain full of dunes and crooked trails.
If you’ll still have enough strength – and we believe you will – you can fly over the meadow on a hovercraft or battle your boss or business partner during a realistic airsoft battle. The cross-country RC racing competitions will test your motor skills and quick reactions. The machines are revolting and only you can tame them.

Experience and relaxation with colleagues

This program is not trying to solve any hard questions – like what the purpose of life is or who keeps stealing Jane’s creamer from the fridge. You will have good old fun, relax and get to know your colleagues a bit better. There are many activities you can choose from and we will be happy to help you create a program exactly for your participants, timeframe, and budget.
Exciting adventures make people hungry, so we can prepare some refreshment or even organize a full-on barbecue! It goes without saying that water will be available throughout the whole program.

Adventurous program for business partners

Good partners are hard to come – and especially the business ones. So, if you want to thank yours in style and motivate them into even better future collaboration, The Revolt of the Machines is the way to go! No one is forced into any activity; everyone will just pick and choose what they feel like trying. In our experience, the awesome atmosphere created by our professional instructors and motivators will pull even the biggest skeptic and couch potato in the action.

What can you experience?

  • Driving on a special off-road track with ATVs

  • Digging with the excavator JCB 4CX

  • Flying a hovercraft over a meadow

  • Airsoft training – static and dynamic shooting on targets

  • Airsoft campaign – a battle of two teams in a special playing field or in the forest

  • Competition of professional RC off-road cars models

  • Riding in an off-road car in inaccessible terrain with a driver

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