Svojanov castle

Svojanov castle
medieval castle with its own restaurant and stylish accommodation

Svojanov castle is located in the Highlands near the Policka city. The castle has been completely renovated in recent years and with its size of many areas it is perfect for team building program realization and for groups up to 80 persons.

Program and activities can be prepared in the courtyards, castle walls, tower, gardens or in surrounding forests. Thanks to the reconstruction of the castle there are several new areas suitable for realization of new attractive posts. 

Svojanov is the only castle in Czech Republic that offers stylish accommodation in the historic parts of the castle. You can use House of Knights for indoor activities, corporate trainings and evening feasts. Thanks to the possibility of Svojanov castle we can be sure that all components of corporate event (team building, accommodation, catering) are in one place and participants can fully enjoy atmosphere of the castle. In case you need accommodation for larger number of participants you can use several B & B in Svojanov village and surroundings.

Directly in Svojanov castle there is an excellent stylish restaurant that provides catering services. During the evening feast there is usually also varied cultural supporting program at the House of Knights and castle courtyard.
Svojanov castle is located in the heart of Highlands in the middle of deep woods. Even though it may seem that travelling to Svojanov castle from some parts of Czech Republic is taking too long, be sure that its unique atmosphere and the opportunity to spend a night at the castle is a strong argument for non-traditional event realization right at this place.

Driving distances:

  • Prague - Svojanov castle: 2hrs 30min
  • Brno - Svojanov castle: 1hrs 00min

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