Točník Castle

Točník Castle
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Točník Castle is located above the village of Točník near the town of Žebrák in the Broumov region. Together with nearby Žebrák Castle they are the most preserved two castles in Bohemia. The castle was built by the King and the Roman Emperor Václav IV. in late 14th century. The reason for the construction of a new castle in the immediate vicinity of the already established Žebrák Castle was most probably the fire of Žebrák Castle in 1395.

Castle specialities

The Točník Castle is not only a great example of 14th century architecture, but also the ingenuity and imagination of the builders and engineers. The inhabitants of the castle could enjoy revolutionary central heating and fireplaces specifically designed to distribute heat to the entire castle, using vents and hollow connectors in the walls. As described in the old historical accounts, the whole idea arose already at Žebrák Castle, where king Václav IV. had his engineers build a grate with a system of stones and firepits to warm up the rooms. During the construction of Točník, the idea was developed to perfection.

Changing owners

After the death of Václav IV. the castle was held by his brother Zikmund. During the Hussite Revolution, the castle belonged to the Seinsheim and later Kolovrats. In the following decades, the castle changed owners often. Točník Castle flourished the most under the ownership of the Lobkowitz family. Eventually, Emperor Rudolf II became the owner of the castle. When his people told him that the castle is supposedly haunted, he tried to leave at once. Unfortunately, he didn’t manage and had to stay at the castle overnight. It was his first and last night in the castle. Točník then remained uninhabited.

Bears at Točník

Točník became famous again also thanks to a popular series called “Bears on the road”. The series, published as a good-night stories for children, follows adventures of two bear cubs, Agata and Martin, and their keeper Mr. Chaloupka, who lived at Točník’s gamekeeper's lodge. At the end of 2013, the bears have moved to their new home, which is a newly reconstructed bear enclosure under the castle. Točník was famous for its bears also before, being the home of two bears from Berousek Circus - Berta and Robert.

The Točník Castle does not offer accommodation or catering but are happy to provide all necessary catering externally. Accommodation can be arranged in Hotel Žebrák or BW Hotel Beroun.

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