Tři Věžičky Hotel

Tři Věžičky Hotel
Corporate events right in the middle of the Czech Republic

Tři Věžičky Hotel is located right in the middle of the Czech Republic. Located just next to the exit of the D1 highway, the journey from Brno or Prague will take a maximum of 75 minutes. With a capacity of 160 beds in 80 comfortably furnished rooms, the Tři Věžičky hotel can comfortably accommodate large groups of participants. 

If you are going to hold a corporate congress, you can use a conference hall with a capacity of up to 280 people and also several smaller lounges. If you prefer a relaxing program, you can look forward to wellness with a beer spa, four bowling lanes and a stylish 100-seat restaurant. In good weather, you can enjoy evening with a pig barbecue in the summer garden. 

The hotel and its surroundings can be used not only for congress tourism or wellness stays. Right next to the hotel there is a spacious meadow where you can organize a wide range of team building programs. Whether you are planning a small development program or a great outdoor event, thanks to its disposition, the Tři Věžičky Hotel will satisfy all your needs. 

Try this hotel near Jihlava and combine comfortable accommodation, good food, conference, team building and wellness in one varied corporate event. 

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