The 3 Toughest Prisons in the World

The 3 Toughest Prisons in the World

Sooner or later, most perpetrators of criminal activity are caught by the long arm of the law, and a large number of these sinners, due to their socially inappropriate behavior, find themselves behind bars. Often, however, it's nothing terrible.

For example, in Scandinavian countries, state correctional facilities are top-notch and allow prisoners to serve their sentences in relatively comfortable conditions. However, not all convicts have it so easy.

Many prisons, on the other hand, can be described as the worst places on earth and very few people want to find themselves there. We will introduce several of them in the following lines.

Author: Tomáš Bajgar

Black Dolphin Prison

This is a Russian correctional facility located in the Orenburg region. Every Russian criminal knows this prison and has good reason to fear it.

Human rights have never meant much in the Russian state, and this is doubly true for this prison.

The prison, emblazoned with the black dolphin, houses the most dangerous and simultaneously the most notorious prisoners of the Russian Federation.

It mainly contains criminals sentenced to life imprisonment who are responsible for the most severe crimes, ranging from rape to murder.

Black Dolphin offers very little comfort. Prisoners are kept in isolation, have minimal contact with the outside world, and are allowed only a limited amount of recreational activities.

However, only a small number of people know exactly how things operate in this prison. The facility is, after all, heavily inaccessible to the public, let alone journalists.

La Sabaneta

This prison can be found in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. By many standards, it is considered one of the most brutal jails in Latin America.

Like a number of other penal institutions in South America, La Sabaneta struggles with understaffing and overcrowding. This, of course, negatively impacts the infrastructure and safety.

Prisoners at La Sabaneta are crammed into a small space, which is just one of the many significant problems this facility faces.

Even worse are the gangs that settle scores within the prison walls, which rarely occurs without significant violence.

Inmates often attack each other, but occasionally they also target the guards. For this reason, working at La Sabaneta is not a particularly great job.

Bang Kwang

The infamous Thai prison Bang Kwang is located in the Thai capital. With a great deal of irony, this correctional facility is sometimes nicknamed the Bangkok Hilton, but there is nothing luxurious about it.

On the contrary, Bang Kwang is rightly considered one of the worst prisons in Thailand.

No wonder, as it holds the crème de la crème. Murderers, fraudsters, extortionists, human traffickers, and drug smugglers pass through its doors.

Foreign prisoners, usually incarcerated for smuggling, often end up here as well.

Such individuals usually have an even harder time in Bang Kwang than the locals. Therefore, there are efforts to "accommodate" foreign prisoners in better facilities.

However, not everyone is fortunate enough to be transferred to a more amiable prison.

Conditions in Bang Kwang are extremely harsh. Inmates suffer from a lack of light, fresh air, and space. Moreover, the local guards do not treat prisoners with kid gloves.

For this reason, everyone should think twice before engaging in criminal activities in Thailand.

Crime and Punishment

Very few prisoners are satisfied with the conditions in which they must serve their sentence.

However, these sinners should be thankful every day to the Almighty that they do not have to sit in any of the above-mentioned hellholes, which compared to Bory prison are just a summer camp for children.