The 10 Best Treasure Hunt Team Building Activities in Central Europe

The 10 Best Treasure Hunt Team Building Activities in Central Europe

It is often an uneasy task to decide on a site to organize your company team building in a form of a Scavenger Hunt. One would wonder, which of the numerous places situated all around the Czech Republic is the one most suitable for you?

They are all beautiful, historically fascinating, and full of mysteries, yet every one is special in their own way. After reading this article you will know what to look forward in each of them!

Author: Michal Sojka

1. Treasure Hunt Prague

The capital of the Czech republic welcomes you not only with its dominants such as the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge or the Black Gate, but also with its specific look and rich history.

The omnipresent spirit of medieval ages is strengthened by the regular appearances of the apostles in the Prague astronomical clock. When you wander around the Old Town Square you would feel like a 14th century merchant due to the beech smoke spreading from a traditionally barbecued pork.

You can look forward to 46 scavenger-type tasks which will test your genius in the ancient town of Prague.

2. Treasure Hunt Brno 

When approaching the Moravian metropolis a view on both the mighty Špilberk Castle and Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul will amaze you. You will also have a chance to get a closer look as the Brno Treasure Hunt will lead your steps here!

Meanwhile you can enjoy a full composition of architectonic styles ranging from ancient Gothic style to modern Functionalism.

Needless to say, after a demanding stroll you can freshen yourselves in one of the uncountable cozy pubs or cafes

3. Prýgl Hunt 

For those loving a bit of a cool breeze with a smell of forests and wild plants, the Prýgl hunt is a perfect choice! As its name, which means “The dam” in a local dialect, suggests, this scavenger game is situated on shores of the Brno dam and its close surroundings.

The calmness and peace accompany you for the whole Prýgl hunt, so you have a chance to let your inner child live and play with your colleagues undisturbed by the usual stressing factors.

All of the mentioned with the 47 scavenger-like tasks will definitely strengthen your collectives!

4. Treasure Hunt Mikulov 

Our list would not be completed had it not included a romantic site on an edge of the Moravian Tuscany. Treasure Hunt Mikulov is best enjoyed when concluded in one of the local wine bars.

Although we must warn you that if you would like to enjoy the stunning views from the Mikulov Castle or the Saint Hill, you should control your taste (or be patient and taste the local production afterwards).

We can guarantee you an amazing experience when fulfilling 41 tasks in this small town with renaissance spirit.

5. Treasure Hunt Lednice 

Each of us at least once wanted to be a nobleman. Or like a nobleman. Treasure Hunt Lednice will lead you across every corner of the formerly aristocratic estate. 44 tasks are awaiting you everywhere: inside the park Lednice or the castle gardens, by the river or inside the town center.

Also, you should not forget to visit the minaret and to take pleasure in strolling along the Castle lake. As the park hides not only the lakes and pathways, you can expect much more to look forward to. For instance puzzling love stories or anecdotal mysteries.

6. Treasure Hunt Znojmo

If you would like to stay in South Moravia and you have already visited Mikulov or Lednice, you do not need to despair. Our scavenger game in Znojmo with 42 tasks can provide you all the pleasures the two previous destinations abound.

Medieval atmosphere of Znojmo is, however, a superb bonus. You can feel the strength and wealth of local lands each time your sight reaches the mighty Znojmo Castle. A view from it will definitely take your breath away.

Eight centuries old Saint Nicholas Church surrounded by endless oak forests, foggy valley of the river Dyje and narrow streets made of stone built houses are only a few of the unforgettable views you can experience in here.

7. Treasure Hunt Olomouc 

Treasure Hunt Olomouc provides you an entertainment for several hours in a city with rich history, developed culture and unforgettable restaurants. The historical center reminds you of its former glory from times it used to be a major city in the Czech kingdom.

Several garrisons lie here in a sharp contrast with many sacral buildings. Saint Wenceslas Cathedral or St Michael's Church inspire you to transcendent your contemplation, while Zizkov and Haná Barracks reminds you the tough earthly existence. Even if you get lost within your thoughts, Václav, the largest bell in Moravia, would wake you up.

30 tasks of this scavenger game in Olomouc will deliver you a great deal of entertainment and mental delight.

8. Treasure Hunt Ostrava 

In days when you long for cozy, calm and relaxed times, Treasure Hunt Ostrava is at your services!  34 tasks fulfilled in this quiet yet enriching environment will certainly calm down your nerves.

The center with modern architecture and remains of its industrial history provide you with fair amount of different pathways for your stroll. Moreover, when your fatigue emerges, you can relax your hips in one of the cafes in the famous Stodolní street.

This street, well known for its never-ending social vibes, can be either the start or the end of your scavenger game.

9. Treasure Hunt Cesky Krumlov 

We certainly can not miss out the diamond crowning the Czech Republic on the south. Cesky Krumlov has been built during centuries long possession by major noble houses. Thanks to this fact, you will be amazed after visiting this breathtaking medieval town.

You can either visit it by land or by water. Cesky Krumlov is crossed by river Vltava which gives it an inimitable character. Everyone visiting Czech Republic ought to experience Krumlov´s wonderful atmosphere.

However, if you want to admire it to its fullest, you should definitely enjoy it with our 38 scavenger-game tasks which will show you every detail of Cesky Krumlov.

10. Treasure Hunt Karlovy Vary

Our list would not be full without the amazing bath town lying in the center of the Czech lands. After spending a while in this relaxing place you will become an absolutely regenerated person.

Here you have an option to combine traditional baths with the so called woodland bath. However, a proper visitor wants to know the place in a bigger detail.

Let the Treasure Hunt Karlovy Vary and its 38 tasks lead your steps. You will understand why is each visitor so amazed and overwhelmed!

Enjoy the game in hundreds or thousands

This list selects the 10 best Treasure Hunts in the Czech Republic. You can enjoy them with your colleagues, friends or family. Needless to say the number of players is not a limiting factor!

We can provide the entertainment for either lower tens, hundreds or even thousands of players!

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