The world's most famous detectives solve the greatest mysteries

The world's most famous detectives solve the greatest mysteries

Detective fiction as an independent genre has been with us for almost 200 years. Since then, hundreds of detectives have appeared on the pages of books. The stories of some of them are based on a real subject, others are completely fictional.

Today, we will present the most famous of them and we will also talk about the Czech representatives.

Author: Michal Cemper

The Genius of Baker Street

The most famous detective is Sherlock Holmes. The violin and pipe-wielding detective was created by English writer Arthur C. Doyle and is featured in 4 novels and 56 short stories. The most famous of these are A Study in Scarlet and A Scandal in Bohemia.

Dr. John Watson is inextricably linked to Sherlock. The wartime doctor who wrote Sherlock's biography and recorded his friend's stories in the books.

Sherlock Holmes is one of the few detectives to meet his end. He's backed by his rival James Moriarty. He causes Holmes to fall into the Reichenbach Falls in the short story "The Last Case". But at the request of the readers, A. C. ...Doyle revived it in the short story "The Empty House.

The Belgian Gentleman

What comes to mind when you say gentleman? For many, it's the endearingly meticulous Hercule Poirot. Unlike other detectives, he relies on methods of deduction and interviews with witnesses.

Hercule Poirot was created in the mind of Agatha Christie - the master of detective stories. It has been adapted for the television screen by actor David Sucheth, and recently the film versions by Kenneth Branagh have been released.

The Fair Lawmen

Two literary detectives are alternated by a pair of real-life characters. Federal agents Izzy Einstein and Moe Smith were among the most feared law enforcement officers during America's Prohibition era.

They had 4,392 arrests to their credit, and most of their cases went to trial.

Both used disguises and undercover work to penetrate the deepest criminal structures.

It was their diligence that proved fatal. Their superiors didn't like the corruption exposed in the police force and suspended them.

18 cases of the Prague Councillor

The experienced Inspector Karel Vacátko was written from the pen of Jiří Marek. However, he is etched in our memory thanks to Jaroslav Marván's portrayal of him, who played him eighteen times.

The series Sinful People of Prague is still one of the most repeated TV shows.

Some sources say that the councillor Vacátko has its real basis in the person of the detective Josef Vaňásek. However, this information has been denied by his family.

We can only guess about the true origin of the charismatic inspector.


Pretty tough guy

Literary detectives aren't just brilliant minds and often have all sorts of bad habits. Sherlock Holmes, a keen pipe-lover, and Philip Marlowe know this. This private American eye had an undiluted taste for alcohol and smoked one from the other.

Alcoholism, unorthodox hard methods and visits to brothels did not spoil his career. He appeared in more than 30 short stories, solving cases with an arrogance peculiar to himself.