Brno as an Adventurer's Playground

Brno as an Adventurer's Playground

Brno, the heart of Moravia, known for its vibrant culture and historical gems, now opens its streets and mysterious corners to an entirely new kind of adventure.

Introducing Treasure Hunt Brno – an interactive game on the TerraHunt gaming platform that transforms the city into an exciting adventure filled with discoveries and fun.

Treasure Hunt Brno is more than just a game; it's a journey of discovery and team spirit that takes you to the most interesting corners of Brno’s streets.

With 59 treasures scattered throughout the city, it offers participants a unique opportunity to explore Brno's historical and modern aspects through an interactive and fun form.

Each treasure is carefully placed to allow participants to discover not only tourist-known spots but also hidden gems of the city.

Every treasure is unique and offers various tasks, questions, and creative challenges related to the specific location.

The TerraHunt app, available for iOS and Android, enables you to easily navigate the city and gradually uncover the secrets hidden in the treasures.

The interactive map app helps you find your way and also provides interesting information about the places you visit.

This game is ideal for those looking for an unconventional way to spend time in Brno, whether for local residents or city visitors.

Treasure Hunt Brno offers a great opportunity for team building, a family outing, or simply as a fun activity with friends

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Treasure Hunt Brno is an experience that combines technology, history, and fun into a unique adventure.

Get drawn into a game that brings the streets of Brno to life and uncover the city's secrets from a new, exciting perspective.

To learn more about this interactive game or to sign up, visit the TerraHunt website and become part of the adventure that Brno has to offer