5 reasons why Prague is so popular among expats!

5 reasons why Prague is so popular among expats!

There are many reasons why foreigners decide to leave their home country and live abroad. Some of them are new opportunities, experiencing new cultures or just higher wages.

All of these are those Prague can offer, however, the Czech’s capital can give you much more!

Author: Michal Sojka

1. Human oriented work and life balance

What expacts especially like about Prague is its well-balanced work and life relationship. Prague’s natives know that the life is not only about working.

This has influence on overall working culture which permeates into philosophy of companies hiring expacts too. This is often a pleasant surprise for those used to work in U.S. or Asian countries.

2. Rich and vibrant cultural life

Since employees in Prague have time for their personal life, they can enjoy many museums, concerts, evening live music performances in various pubs, as well as numerous art shows.

A positive aspect is that many of these are alredy accessible for english speakers or are performed entirely in English!

3. Employers’ hunger

Prague, as is same for the whole Czech republic, has incredibly low unemployement rate. Recruiters are therefore offering higher-then-average salaries, pre-paid accommodation, or are assisting with the whole bureaucratic necessities for those willing to move to Prague and work here.

Whole range of international companies have their officies in here, so it is not even an issue if you don’t speak Czech in the beginning. You might not need to learn the local language, though, it can be appreciated by your employer.

4. The Czech nature

The Czechs are generally regarded as rather reserved and formal, however, once you break the „usual“ barier, you can learn how friendly and loyal your new Czech friends can be.

Usually one beer at the pub, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee can be enought for a Czech person to become your friend.

However, Czech people usually don’t fancy superficial relationships. Thus, should you discuss some deeper topics or have a mutual experience, you can create a warm life-lasting friendship.

5. Well-organized public services

Generally speaking, services provided by either a state or a local govermnent are efficient and widely accessible.

Even though you might experience a heavy bureaucratic workload within some state agencies, public transport, healthcare and public education are generally cheap, well mantained and accountable.

You will not miss your bus or tram on your way to doctor’s appointment, while you can be sure your child will safely arrive to a school.

Prague’s specialties

  • Prague has a rich history, so the history enthusiast will definitely feel like home here. Moreover, some of the companies have their headquarters or officies in the historic center, which is almost unchanged to its medieval times. Thereforte anyone living or working here can have a real-time experience of medieval feelings.

  • Prague has been a very safe place for decades, and recent years are not an exception. There are some spots where an occurence of homeless people and drug addicts is more likely or you can vitness a pickpocket, however, you can stroll at any location day or night without a feeling of inseciruty. Prague also lacks unfamous no-go zones emerging in some other major western cities.

  • The Czechia’s capitol is also popular for its favourable position. An international airport and its close proximity to other Central European countries makes it a favourite entry spot for travellers. Thus anyone living here can enjoy short travelling routes to either Poland, Germany, Austria or Slovakia, each of them hiding many treasures.