An Adventure in Prague Awaits

An Adventure in Prague Awaits

Prague, the city of a hundred spires, holds much more than just historical monuments and tourist attractions.

With the TerraHunt gaming platform, you can embark on an unforgettable adventure through the city – Treasure Hunt Prague.

This modern team-building activity offers a unique experience where you combine fun, discovery, and teamwork.

A total of 49 treasures await, hidden in Prague's most interesting places. Each treasure represents a question or challenge related to its location.

Participants have the opportunity not only to explore Prague's hidden corners but also to test their knowledge of the city's history and culture.

The game is played using the TerraHunt mobile app, available for Android and iOS, which guides you through the entire game.

The GPS map app displays a map with treasure locations and navigates teams through the urban terrain.

You can compete in teams or set off on the adventure individually.

Treasure Hunt Prague is a modern activity for corporate team buildings, school trips, or just as a fun way to spend a day with friends or family.

The game is designed to be accessible for all age groups and fitness levels.

Treasure hunts not only promote team spirit but also encourage creative thinking and time management.

It's a great way to combine modern technology with traditional methods of learning and entertainment.

So why not try something new and go on a treasure hunt in Prague?

Discover the secrets hidden in the heart of the old city and enjoy a day full of fun and adventure!

Magic of Prague Gaming

Try Treasure Hunt Prague and discover the magic of the city in a completely new way.

For more information and bookings, visit the TerraHunt website or download the app directly to your phone.

Prague invites you on a treasure hunt!